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09830 222 700
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Mobiles call 69777 £1.50 a min (£2.00 a min from O2)

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Pin 9991

Hi Guys, I,m Sarah, blonde hair and blue eyes, with a toned body, I go running every morning, really sensitive nipples and a tight wiggly bum

What you will get from Me

I love to give pleasure, with my mouth I love to give pleasure with my mouth, and my body very willing to try something different. Love hearing what you've got up to.

What turns Me on?

Wearing sexy underwear, which I do all the time, just love it.

My favourite fantasies

I love the thought of a threesome or more, but which way? Open to suggestions.

My Naughty Secret

Enjoying sex with people that I shouldn't have been with

My Sexpert Skills

I love using my tongue and my body, to give pleasure.

Favourite sexual position

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