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A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)





It was a cold misty morning outside when we both woke up, as discussed between us previously, sex would be on the menu first thing the next morning. After a good night’s rest, I got up first and went to the bathroom. My hard morning cock bounced out as I pulled my shorts down to the floor and left them there. I finished up, got back into bed and cuddled up behind my naked wife’s back, brushing her nipples as I took her big luscious breast in my hand and held her lovingly. She reached back searching for my hard shaft, once she found it, she tightened her grip and squeezed it firmly. My cock immediately responded and stiffened up becoming full and very hard. She massaged my balls for a while, then went back to my shaft and started pumping furiously, all whilst reaching back uncomfortably. My hand slid down to her soft tummy, then further down to her neatly trimmed pussy, slowly starting to massage her outer lips until I felt some wetness coming through. We were both hot, horny and ready to go.



woman in her underwear



I turned her around to get a full view and access to those huge voluptuous tits as well as her hairy pussy. I was hungry to eat my wife’s juicy pussy and penetrate her with my huge swollen cock. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and used some warming lubrication until she started moaning and groaning with pleasure “oh that feels so good, aahhh, aahhww, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” she cried. I could feel her getting excited as her orgasm built up. I rolled on top of her and plunged my thick cock into her tight pussy. Slowly stroking at first until I could feel her hole slightly opening up more to me. I then started to fuck her hard, my entire length, in and out, in and out, repeatedly slamming my balls against her ass. Cum juice was starting to flow out of her pussy, running down onto her ass. We kept on fucking hard, for what felt like forever, I just kept on and on. We were both breathing heavily, neither one was cumming yet. It was just long, hardcore fucking. I could feel my wife’s pussy becoming extremely wet, almost like I was continuously plunging my long solid rod into a wet river of cum. I love it when we sometimes just fuck long and hard and especially when my wife’s beautiful pussy (like on this occasion), becomes soaking and dripping wet with her own cum.



sexy woman



She used both her hands and pulled her pussy up and open, what a glorious sight, her hard clit was sticking out, begging to be rubbed. I used my fingers to circle her clit, her head tilted back and she became vocal, “I’m going to cum, aww, yes, yes, I’m going to cum,” she cried. Ever so often my cock would slip out because of the long hard strokes I was giving her, she would immediately push me back in. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, her whole body became stiff, her legs straightened around my waist and a powerful orgasm ripped through her body, for a moment her legs clamped me like a vice grip, and then she released, slowly coming down from the mountaintop. Her breathing subsided and she uttered “oh my goodness, that was so nice!”



sexy blonde



I knew it was now my turn so I grabbed her sexy legs, holding her by the ankles and spreading her legs as wide as they could go. Her soaking pussy felt incredibly good as I fucked her as hard as I could until I reached the point of no return. I suddenly lost control of my body, I came with force. My big cock slipped out of her tight hole and white spurts of cum wildly shot out of my throbbing engorged cockhead, flying everywhere. More cum poured out as my cock bounced around and eventually subsided. My wife gripped my cock while it was still hard and milked every last drop of cum out until I was sensitive and spent. We used a towel to soak up the mess we made as we laid in each other’s arms for a while, just enjoying all our God-given blessings and privileges!

Love of Masturbation…


A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)





The best thing about living a healthy, loving marriage with your one true soulmate is exploring every avenue of intimacy.


My wife just loves to watch cum shoot from my throbbing cock, it truly turns her on. The many ways she makes me cum is so much fun. Last night was fantastic. Wearing only black thigh high stockings, I was instructed to lay back and enjoy.


Tonight you are going to get a silky foot job and I am going to watch you shoot cum all over my stocking feet. Well as soon as her sexy, pretty feet made contact with my semi-hard cock, my shaft grew immediately to its full length & thickness. Pre-cum also started to drip from my big swollen head. Now one stocking foot is rubbing my swelling balls and the other is sliding up & down my hard rod.





Come on honey, cum for me. I want to watch your hot load cover my pretty feet. That is all I have to hear. My cock starts to twitch and throb as the first rope of cum shoots on these incredible sexy feet.  Her toes were covered in my love juice.


The next surprise was having my wife lift her cum dripping feet to my face and telling me to lick them clean. I was so turned on.  Each toe was sucked clean. While my wife moaned and fingered her soaking wet pussy to orgasm.





That night was great but my favorite is when I am told to jerk my cock while my wife rubs my balls and slides a wet finger up my ass. This gets me the hardest and my wife instructs me to point my throbbing cock at my open mouth. She wants to watch my cum shoot out towards my waiting tongue. Hearing her tell me what to do & the anticipation of my release never makes me last long. Her finger starts to slide in & out of my ass rapidly as she pulls on my excited balls.


My hand is working overtime stroking my throbbing cock until I hear her say, cum for me, shoot your big load all over your face & chest. That does it, my cock pulses and begins to shoot my creamy juice right at my face. Catching some cum on my lips & the rest covering my chest. It is always a very intense orgasm. The night ends with my wife licking up my chest & giving me a very passionate messy cum kiss until we fall asleep in each other’s arms.


We consider ourselves very lucky to have such a open marriage when it comes to the bedroom. These special nights just add to the nights we make crazy passionate love to each other. I guess what I am trying to say is a little kink in the bedroom can go a long way.


We are truly blessed…

The most sexually-charged animals in the World!

With people in the UK aged between 35 and 44, having sex an average of 112 times per year and those aged between 25 and 34, having sex around 108 times a year, it is no secret we humans have a reasonably high sex-drive. However, how do we compare to that of the animal kingdom? Many people believe that animals mate purely for reproductive purposes rather than for pleasure. None the less, we’ve manage to list the animals that enjoy the most incredible, shocking and sometimes quite bizarre mating rituals, contradicting this common misconception.


10. Northern Elephant Seal

The male Northern Elephant seal are known to be unwelcoming towards his male counterparts. The chief protects around 100 females from any potential dangers and in return, he copulates with as many of the female seals as he can.

Sexually-charged Animals Northern Elephant Seal


9. Rabbits

For rabbits, sex lasts around 40 seconds. Female rabbits have no menstrual cycle to begin with, their ovulation cycle is actually activated by the act of intercourse.  Once the litter is born, a female is able to become pregnant the very next day. At the mercy of the very active male rabbits, females can breed 1,000 baby rabbits per female per year. Rabbits reach their sexual maturity as young as three months old, and are fertile for three quarters of each year.


8. Hedge Sparrow

When a female Hedge Sparrow finds a mate, she keeps her eyes open for more potential fathers.  The more often she has sex, the greater the amount of suitors, the better the chance of producing offspring. The males, are less flighty, however are known to copulate around 100 times a day.

Sexually-charged Animals Hedge Sparrow


7. Eastern Garter Snake

The Eastern Garter Snakes arrange themselves into a big ball, which resembles a ball of rubber bands. A group of males all curl up with one female and mate. Instead of eggs, the female gives birth to live baby snakes.

Sexually-charged Animals Eastern Garter Snake


6. Dolphins

The dolphins have sexual relations with their male and female counterparts, and are known to mate with other sub-species (Killer Whale). Dolphins have even exhibited promiscuous behaviour towards us! They are one of the only mammals known to have sex for pure enjoyment, like us humans.


5. Warthogs

Male warthogs travel to different herds, mating with females as he goes. He mates freely, without attachment or a conscious responsibility- the females are left to raise the young and provide their own food and protection.

Sexually-charged Animals Warthogs


4. Queen Honey Bee

Queen will mate with around forty drones in each spree. Male bees exist only to mate with the Queen and will afterwards die, or get evicted from the nest. The Queen stores up to 100 million sperm cells for a lifetime of reproduction and decides which eggs get fertilized.


3. Topi Antelope

The female Topi Antelope is fertile for one day a year. She spends a month leading to that day chasing males and mating with around four per day, in preparation for her day. Males often suffer from exhaustion and have been known to try to escape the advances of the female.

Sexually-charged Animals Topi Antelope


2. Antechinus

Due to their dangerous and life-threatening approach to sexual intercourse, the males rarely live past a year. Female Antechinus have several partners during the mating season—resulting in a litter with multiple fathers. The female Antechinus can mate continuously for about 12 hours, leaving the males so exhausted that it can often result in their death. Sexual activity can lead to the loss of fur, internal bleeding and immune system failure for males.


1. Bonobos

Bonobos are at our top spot, being one of the most sexually active within animal kingdom. Bonobos use sex to resolve conflict and to greet one another. They do not discriminate engaging with both males and females sexually, or even in a group.

Sexually-charged Animals Bonobos


Sex with a Beast!

First of all, let me just say that I am blessed to be a multi-orgasmic woman! Last night, I began to think maybe Josh and I weren’t even finish off what we started. I waited up for him all night until he finally got in, a little after 1am.

I was actually pretty annoyed by that. It turned me off a bit and I let him know this. I rolled myself away from him in our little twin-sized bed, his reply was to smack my ass and ask if I’m going to bed.

“Well I’ve been waiting for you to come back and you’ve taken all day” I turn away again.

He tells me that he’s going to the bathroom, and then we would ‘play’. The stubborn part of me really didn’t want to yield, but my inner freak’s interest was undoubtedly piqued.

Five minutes later, he comes back into the room and instantly started stripping. Already naked, I just watched as his clothes landed here and there around the room. He climbs onto the bed and points his dick directly at my face. I always love giving him head laying down, because I find that my throat is more comfortable that way and he can pump without suffocating me- perfect for both of us. It lasted for all of two minutes before he climbed off and went down on me.

I LOVE how he eats it. I just watched and moaned in enjoyment. He then puts my legs up and sucks slowly, softly on my clit. It drives me crazy when he spreads my lips and sticks his tongue inside me, I love watching him doing that. Needless to say, I eventually cum, he gets on top of me- the strokes slow and meaningful. It builds the connection so very quickly that in no time, I was having orgasm number two.

We kept it slow for the most part. We had made an attempt a couple of hours previous, but were annoyingly interrupted and didn’t get to finish. I don’t seem to be able to let him go as deep or fast as I really want, there’s this pain in my stomach. But as soon as I squirt, the tension is gone and we can thankfully have proper sex again.

I love when he bites my ass cheeks, especially the left. I cum again and I could cum right now just thinking about it. Anyway to cut to the chase, he got behind, made me squirt twice more and then we switched. I climbed on top and rode him until he wanted to explode.

That’s when he whispers that he wants to cum all over me. I was surprised because normally he likes to cum on my ass. It’s not every night he decides to give my 38 DD’s a shower! So I suck his beefy dick until he shoots into my mouth, his warm cum oozing through my lips. I spit it out onto my breasts and then let him wank the rest over me, just like a porn star. I honestly think he could have a career!

-Shelley, Agent 1378

Bondage capital of Britain revealed

Britain’s bondage capital has been revealed by The Furniture Market, following the incredible success of the Fifty Shades books and movies, which has seen BDSM – bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism – become more mainstream in people’s sex lives.

Bristol has been crowned the bondage capital of Britain, with those living in the West Country having embraced the rise of BDSM more so than any other part of the UK.

girl on bed bondage

The survey revealed that 18 per cent of British people have been tied up during sex. A further 19 per cent said that though they haven’t experimented, they would be willing to give it a go.

In Oxford, one in five people have admitted to having sex on a chest of drawers and one in three Londoners would rather opt for sex on the sofa than in their own bed.

Elsewhere, 57 per cent of people from Aberdeen confessed to having sex somewhere other than a bed and out of the people who responded to the survey from Wolverhampton, 42 per cent of them revealed that they have tied up a partner during sex.

But it is those living in Cambridge who wish to be tied up more so than in any other part of the country.

Channel 4’s The Great British Sex Survey – which set out to reveal the UK’s favourite fetishes, sexual practises and sexual desires – had named the small Cumbrian town of Penrith as the BDSM capital of Britain.

A survey back in November from the Northern Illinois University found that participants who engaged in BDSM were in a better mood, were less stressed and saw altered states of consciousness – which has been linked to boosting creativity.

According to the survey, the average British person spends 117 days of their lifetime having sex. That’s 2808 hours!

If BDSM sounds like something right up your street, then you’re bound to enjoy some great domination phone sex.


The rise of the sex robot

We all know about artificial intelligence, but now a new sex robot is set to go on sale in April that is capable of giving her owner an “emotional connection.”

From April 15, the new sex robots will have a pulse and up to 12 different personality settings and will surprise you by ‘saying things you are not expecting.’

The creator of Harmony said in an article with the Daily Star that she is “prone to falling in love with you” and will be both charming and witty.

The ‘owner’ of the robot will also be given an app which is used to control her settings, moods and even pulse. This is part of RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen’s goal to let their customers have a “real bond” with their robotic lovers.

Sex Robot

Once the doll has arrived, the user will be able to subscribe to the app which is accessible via their smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer. The app syncs to the robot, controlling the 12 personalities which includes intellectual, natural, sexual, shy, kind and naïve.

Matt added: “The A.I. is prone to falling in love with you. But it will depend very much on the selections you’ve made.

“She will say things you are not expecting.”

It is a far cry from the notorious blow-up dolls that we have all seen on a stag-do, in films or television and is really a big leap in not just sexual ventures but also technology.

The doll, or robot, may cost the user up to £12,000, with a yearly subscription model believed to be around $20, or £15.

They are going to be made available anywhere in the world, and while it is an exciting time for many – it is rather expensive. So perhaps if you want to look after the money in your pocket, why not talk with a real woman and enjoy some cheap phone sex instead?

Image Credit: RealDoll

The Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes

The power of movies is a wondrous thing. The power of sex in movies is something else entirely.

Movie sex is abundant; it can awaken ones deepest desires, set one down the path of their sexual development, and act as an engrossing form of entertainment. All adding that most intangible of qualities, that certain something that has helped to enhance the movie going experience throughout history.

You don’t have to look far for movie sex in 2017, but to get the very best, a good list is paramount. So here it is guys, the most memorable movie sex scenes.

Gone Girl

The Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes Gone Girl

Let’s start in the present, shall we? Only a few years have passed since master director David Fincher brought us his take on the Gillian Flynn novel, Gone Girl. But immediately upon release in 2014, the film hit a nerve with its audiences not only for its vivid storytelling but for its commentary on sex in society.

There are many moments to pick out from Gone Girl but the most memorable has to be when Rosamund Pike’s character Amy seduces ex-boyfriend Neil Patrick Harris, takes him to bed, and after giving him the time of his life slits his throat mid-coitus covering her naked body in his cascading blood. The act allowing her then to return home to play more games with husband Ben Affleck.

It’s pretty shocking and not easily forgotten. But the bizarreness of this scene coupled with Pike’s overt sexuality throughout the movie makes it an instant addition to our list.


The Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes Superbad

Where would sex be without a little levity now and then, and this is exactly why the Michael Cera starring Superbad makes our list.

Released in 2007, this fan favourite teen comedy acts as an awkward coming of age story regarding the sexual awakening of Michael Cera’s Evan and Jonah Hill’s Seth. But it is infamous character Fogell, aka McLovin – played wonderfully by a hilarious Christopher Mintz-Plasse – that steals the show with his laugh out loud sex scene.

After declaring, “It’s in! Oh my god, it’s in” while partying alone with his high school peer Nicola, Fogell is interrupted by Bill Hader’s Officer Slater and Seth Rogan’s Officer Michaels who not only ruin his big night but begin to berate him for ditching them earlier in the film. The scene is hilarious, a stand out among many in the film, and a worthy mention here.

American psycho

The Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes American Psycho

Based on the iconic and controversial 80s satire novel of the same name, Mary Harron’s American Psycho (2000) starring Christian Bale as a Wall Street serial killer, is a cult favourite and hilariously damning commentary on yuppie culture.

There are too many great (and often disturbing) moments to count in this stylish affair but there is one in particular that has become somewhat of an infamous scene for the movie.

Alton Williams, Editor of battleroyalwithcheese.com – a popular film blog of news, reviews and interviews — describes the scene as his top pick of movie sex scenes. “Out of the many, many films sex scenes I have seen, the one that sticks with me is the one in Mary Harron’s American Psycho”.

“In this scene Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) has sex with two prostitutes (Cara Seymour and Guinevere Turner) while listening to the song Sussudio by Phil Collins. Everyone should listen to Phil Collins while jumping one’s (or two’s) bones”.

The spectacularly choreographed intercourse, put together by Bale himself, plays out, as mentioned above by Alton Williams, to Phil Collins’ majestic pop track Sussudio. This paring makes this scene not only laugh out loud funny, as Bale flexes his muscles in the mirror behind the two girls, but epitomises the personality of this uber narcissist in one image. No list of memorable movie sex scenes can be complete without mentioning Patrick’s date night with Christy and Sabrina.

Black Swan

The Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes Black Swan

Darron Aronofsky’s dark and disturbing psychological thriller about Natalie Portman’s ballet dancer is already a tense affair. There is all kinds of thought provoking imagery taking place in 2010’s The Black Swan, and then THAT scene comes out of nowhere.

Portman’s rivalry with Mila Kunis during the movie is an intimate relationship to say the least, and when the two get together, leading to Kunis going down on Portman’s character in the confines of a gritty realistic framing, it becomes too hot to handle.

Culminating with Portman climaxing while Kunis is giving her oral sex, the scene is impossible to forget. The performances and how alive the whole scene feels makes the audience believe that these two are indeed this crazy for each other, and that all the panting, all the lustful stares, are more than Oscar worthy acting choices. This is a must watch.

Boogie Nights

Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes Boogie Nights

A movie starring a 90s Mark Wahlberg as an aspiring porn star is bound to supply audiences with a few great sex scenes, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. But Paul Thomas Anderson’s breakout 1997 movie Boogie Nights, contains no more memorable scene than that early encounter with Julianne Moore.

Moore, who plays a veteran porn star in the flick, is pretending during a shoot to interview Wahlberg’s character for a job. This scene is typical cheesy porno type stuff but the scene kicks into gear when Moore asks Walhberg to pull out his penis – which in the film is ridiculously oversized – causing the porno’s entire camera crew to reel in awe. The scene is made funnier still as Moore comments, “that is a massive cock” then proceeds to screw him over her desk.

The scene is cheesy, funny, and undeniably hot, featuring Julianne Moore in an unforgettable performance, all capped off as she demands Wahlberg, “come inside her”. This is about as adult as sex gets in mainstream movies and the film is worth seeing for this scene alone. But also watch the whole thing because it’s a classic.

Mulholland drive

Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes Mulholland Drive

On paper, Mulholland Drive is perhaps not a film that instantly comes to mind. David Fincher’s bizarre and obtuse psychological drama about an aspiring actress becoming devoured by Hollywood, doesn’t jump out as being overtly raunchy, but there is a particular scene all fans of the film will know, and it is surprisingly titillating.

Naomi Watts’ starring character Betty is enraptured in a close relationship with new friend Rita (Laura Harring) and the two become more and more intertwined as the film progresses. And at one point in the film Betty finally gives into Rita as the two are lying in bed, her desires taking over. A kiss here and a bottom lip there, all leads to an incredibly hot scene that is also particularly tender.

It might not have the graphicness of say Boogie Nights or American Psycho, but it’s undoubtedly an arousing affair as these two beautiful women are unable to resist or keep their hands of each other.

The Notebook

The Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes The Notebook

This soppy romantic drama starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is easy to poke fun at but if you have actually watched The Notebook (2004), you will know it’s an obvious edition to this list.

The two lovers are reunited as adults and after McAdams comes in from the rain, drenched from head to toe, looking great in the process, she and Gosling then finally get it on and neither holds back. The effectiveness of the scene has plenty to do with the build-up of course, their history together playing a factor, and also the fact that she is actually engaged to someone else.

This incredibly hot moment is a coming together of all their past frustrations, a release of tension as Gosling slams McAdams against the wall and then throws her down onto the bed. It’s rough, it’s hot, and monumentally passionate. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Wild Things

The Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes - Wild Things

1998’s Wild Things is, as everyone who has seen the movie will attest, a must film to recognise. This erotic thriller starring Matt Dillon and Denise Richards is incredibly hot and tells the tale of a sexual assault accusation against a High School counsellor.

The film has become known not for its storyline but for the explicit sexual scenes that have gained it a lot of notoriety. The key scene in question really is something else and features Denise Richards in stunning form engaging in an incredibly hot threesome with Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell.

The film might not be a classic but this moment and others like it steal the show, making Wild Things an absolute must when checking off this list.


The Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes Titanic

Yes we all know the scene in question here, and yes, it’s not particularly graphic and kind of corny, but it is unquestionably memorable and for many of a certain age it was their first foray into movie sex and thusly the wider world beyond.

This is just the sentiment from Epiphora, a sex toy reviewer and blogger at HeyEpiphora.com.

“Maybe it’s because the movie came out when I was just starting to understand sex, maybe it’s because my crush on both Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio was so strong at the time, but I still love the scene in Titanic where they have sex in a car in the storage area of the ship. I think the thrill of the forbidden is the hottest thing about the scene — the way they have to escape below deck, where Rose’s despicable husband can’t find them, and how we don’t know whether this will be the only time they ever get to be intimate”.

Epiphora hits the nail right on the head. The forbidden love, the secrecy and danger as the two lovers are in the midst of a passionate romance aboard the doomed vessel.

Jack and Rose — played memorably by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in James Cameron’s 1997 classic – find each other at their most tender, deep in the bowels of the ship, no longer content at longing looks and nude painting sessions.

This is the first time the two come together in this way, and in the backseat of a car make their desires official, steaming up the windows in the process. All while Rose’s husband to be smokes cigars on the ships upper deck.

It’s not the hottest but it is certainly memorable and a great addition to this list.

Friends with benefits

The Most Memorable Movie Sex Scenes Friends with Benefits

Mila Kunis here makes her second appearance on the list. Not all that surprising as the actress oozes sex appeal and makes a lot of fun acting choices. Starring here with Justin Timberlake in 2011’s Friends with Benefits, this hilarious film is a standout.

This is no doubt a popular choice, as Sean Evans of the film blog Back to the Movies – a site that shares its love of film with a passionate fan base – can attest. Sean names this sexy rom-com about two friends trying to have a no-strings-attached sexual adventure as an absolute standout.

“I love the sex scenes in Friends with Benefits” Sean says. “They’re the perfect mix of comedy and romance. It’s hilarious to see Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake giving regimented instructions to one another on what they like / dislike. It deserves a place on that list”.

Sean is absolutely right on this. Not only are Kunis and Timberlake great together on camera, producing a lot of hot moments with one another, but the added levity provided here pierces these moments, particularly in their first scene after becoming ‘friends with benefits’, making their sexual affair truly memorable.


Image Credit: IMDB: Gone Girl  Movie Insider  IMDB: American Psycho  IMDB: Black Swan   IMDB: Boogie Nights   IMDB: Mulholland Drive  New Line Cinema IMDB: Wild Things  Paramount Pictures  Sony Pictures

Celebs you didn’t know where GILFs

We always see a collection of the hottest MILFs on the internet, but why shouldn’t GILFs get the same attention?

Many of us have grown up admiring the beauty of these women on our screens, or listening to their music and we think they rightfully deserve some recognition for their looks.

So we have created this list of the hottest celebrity GILFs who we know you wouldn’t mind walking across the street, and are definitely sure to get you in the mood for some granny phone sex tonight.

Goldie Hawn

The blonde-bombshell has graced both the silver and small screen for 50 years and has been a bona-fide sex symbol throughout.

GILFs Celebs Goldie Hawn

Now, at the age of 71, Goldie is a grandmother to five children from her son and daughter Oliver and Kate Hudson both of which have gone on to follow in their mother’s acting footsteps.

Hawn is best known for her Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winning performance for Best Supporting Actress in the 1969 film, Cactus Flower.

Looking at Goldie it is hard to believe she has three grown children, but you can tell where her daughter Kate got her looks from.

Rita Wilson

Though not a grandmother, Rita Wilson has made it onto the list as a stepGILF.

GILFs Celebs Rita Wilson

Married to Tom Hanks since 1988, the former Sleepless in Seattle (1993) and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) actress has made her way into our list because of Hanks’ sons’ children.

Kris Jenner

The matriarchal figure of one of the most recognisable families on the planet; Kris Jenner is a grandmother to six.

GILFs Celebs Kris Jenner


Mother of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner, she refuses to be called ‘grandmother’ by any of her grandchildren.

I think we all owe Kris a big thank you for bring the likes of Kim and Kourtney into the world and it really isn’t hard to see where they got their looks from.

Emmylou Harris

The 13 time Grammy winner has been producing music as an American singer and songwriter for nearly 50 years.

GILFs Celebs Emmy Lou Harris

Emmylou will turn 70 this year, but I think we can all agree that she certainly qualifies as a celebrity GILF.

Many consider her the ‘George Clooney’ of GILFs, but one thing is certain – Emmylou is embracing her grandmother status. Natural and rocking the silver hair, she looks like she bakes in the morning but by evening, can rock the red carpet in a glamourous dress.

The folk singer is the definition of a silver fox, and has managed to keep hold of her slender figure and elegant looks over the decades.

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange is one of the most celebrated American actresses of all time, with an awards haul to-boot including three Emmy Awards, five Golden Globe Awards, and two Academy Awards. In total, Lange has amassed nearly 60 awards over her career.

GILFs Celebs Jessica Lange

The golden GILF is best known for her performances in the 1976 remake of King Kong and her role in soap opera, Tootsie.

Susan Lucci

Most recognisable for her role as Erica Kane on ABC-TV’s All My Children, Susan Lucci has won an Emmy Award for Best Actress and this brunette is the epitome of a GILF.

GILFs Celebs Susan Lucci

Unbelievably, Lucci turned 70 back in December but we still don’t believe that she is over 50; credit for her looks could go to her successful skincare business.

The stunning grandma was still flaunting it on the 2006 series of Dancing with the Stars, the same year that she was inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Marie Osmond

Another American singer/actress has made it onto our list of sexiest celebrity GILFs.

Now is the turn of the brunette bombshell Marie Osmond, the country and pop singer from Utah.

GILFs Celebs Marie Osmond

Osmond has been making hearts race courtesy of her hit music, as well as her acting appearances.

The brunette beauty has even managed to write three books, but with her looks she deserve to be on our screens more often.

Jane Seymour

Born in Middlesex back in 1951, Jane Seymour made her film debut in Richard Attenborough’s Oh! What a Lovely War in 1969.

At 65, Jane Seymour is still as hot as she was back when she appeared in the James Bond film Live and Let Die (1973) as Solitaire, Bond girl and the psychic to baddie Dr. Kananga.

GILFs Celebs Jane Seymour

In 2009, IGN named their top 10 ‘Bond Babes’, listing the likes of Halle Berry for her role as Jinx and Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore.

Seymour rightfully made it in to the top 10 and no one can argue with that.

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers the actress, author, singer and businesswoman turned 70 last October and is most definitely a GILF.

 GILFs Celebs Suzanne Somers

Best known as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company, Somers had one son with first husband Bruce Somers back in the ‘60s who later made her a grandmother.

The California-born beauty has even gone on to become a successful author, after releasing her first book back in 2006.

Tina Knowles

Celestine “Tina” Beyince-Lawson’s biggest achievement can definitely be bringing her stunning eldest daughter Beyoncé into the world.

GILFs Celebs Tina Knowles

But it was Beyoncé’s younger sister, Solange Knowles who first made Tina a grandmother when she gave birth to her son Daniel Julez Judo Smith, Jr.

Tina, a successful fashion designer, always looks amazing for her age at her many public appearances.

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Swingers reveal their most public romps

From the nets at Old Trafford to Buckingham Palace’s toilets, filthy British swingers have revealed the sauciest places that they have ever romped.

Swingers in public

The Star revealed the confessions that a group of swingers posted on an anonymous message board the raciest places that they have ever hooked up in public.

The couples said that the risk behind public sex make it that much more arousing for them, taking their “danger sex” desires to new levels.

One couple revealed all about their very regal romp in the toilets at Buckingham Palace, while another told of how they managed to get down and dirty at Chessington World of Adventures.

On the message board they said, “My girlfriend at the time was feeling very horny so just decided there and then to find somewhere we could release our tension.”

Another couple even admitted to heading out onto the pitch of Manchester United’s Old Trafford Stadium. The anonymous swinger from Conway, Wales took to the board to reveal how she earnt her grass stains.

Old Trafford pitch

“In the net of Manchester United’s football ground, on a stadium tour and managed to get down to it for three minutes before security rudely removed us from the grounds.”

She did also reveal the reason behind the goal-mouth action, claiming that “the point was to find a place that’s always on TV.”

Elsewhere, these saucy swingers have revealed that they even managed to make time for it in a private pod on the London Eye.

Another exposed the naked truth about an intimate episode within the scenic location of Edinburgh Castle, after a couple managed to sneak into the toilets.

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Sex horror stories

I think we all agree that sex is awesome, sometimes though sex can go painfully and horrifically wrong.

For some reason, the worst things seem to happen when people get it on: whether its things breaking that shouldn’t, others having messy accidents at a time of passion and couples getting interrupted by their pets.

After reading the following sex horror stories you will realise how much safer it is to call our adult phone sex lines, as this list is certainly not for the faint hearted. If you get squeamish you may want to look away now.

Three times unlucky

Three times unlucky horror story

One reader told Bro Bible that a friend of his had met a girl at a concert and after several days of texting and messaging on Facebook the pair met up and started getting close.

The girl said that she was a virgin and that she didn’t want to lose her virginity to a guy she only knew for a short time, so she suggested anal sex.

After the struggle of getting it in, she hurriedly told him to pull it out because it hurt and as he did, she pooed all over his penis. She then ran out of his house embarrassed as he went to clean himself up.

The friend reconciled with the girl and the romance started to blossom again and on this occasion the girl offered the man oral sex. The girl attempted to gobble the guys penis and it hit her gag reflex and she ended up being sick all over the man’s mid region, cue her running out of his house again.

A few minutes later though, the girl knocked at the guy’s door and asked whether he owned a cat and after he said he did she revealed that she’d ran over the family pet.

But despite the girl killing the family cat, puking on him and pooing on him, the loved up lad tried calling her multiple times and she just ignored him.

Dogs like balls

Dog interrupts couple horror story

In a Buzzfeed article a reader revealed that he was on top of his girlfriend romping away.

The saucy couple were rudely interrupted when the guy’s pet dog wondered over and started licking his owner’s balls and bum while he was mid flow.

A banana split

Another horror story happened when a guy met a girl at a party and after a few drinks the pair went to the lady’s hotel room.

The friend, who was retelling the story to Bro Bible, said that around an hour after the pair disappeared he got a call from his mate and it was the girl using his phone.

The distressed girl was shouting down the phone telling him to come up to the room immediately. As the man entered the room he saw his mate curled up on the floor and surrounded by his own blood.

The guy was in agony and later it was revealed that the girl had propped herself up on her shoulders and elbows with her hips in mid-air and the daring friend decided to go all Evil Knievel and jump penis first into the women’s vagina.

It was unsurprising that after several alcoholic beverages the man had messed his jump up, missed the girl and fell right into the floor and ended up with a split penis!

The poor lad had to get a blood transfusion as the girl hadn’t called the emergency services first. Even worse the lad wasn’t able to have sex for months.

A bloody mouth

Bloody mouth horror story

A girl retold the story how her boyfriend insisted on going down on her whilst she was on her period.

After letting him, the lad resurfaced gagging, before running off to her bathroom and being sick everywhere. After returning from the bathroom and finally calming down he told the girl that he had swallowed a blood clot.

The embarrassed pair did eventually see the funny side of it all.

Tape worm troubles

According to a reader on All Night, a man and girl met up and headed back to her apartment.

Things started to heat up and soon they were ripping each other’s clothes off. The girl then pounced and jumped on top of the unsuspecting guy and spun him round into a 69er position.

As the pair went to work, the guy said he kept feeling a tap on his forehead and despite ignoring it for a few minutes he looked up to see what it was and to his horror realised it was a tape worm dangling from her bum.

The guy was so disturbed he got the girl off of him and ran straight out of the door.

Don’t ever rest against a window

According to the Ranker website, one couple were having a very sexy afternoon, but unfortunately it ended in absolute tragedy.

As the couple were making love against a window, the glass broke and they fell out together and both died on impact.

Belly button delivery

Belly button used in the wrong way horror story

In another weird sex story a girl talks about how she started to hook up with a guy she fancied at work. She believed the guy was a virgin and after what he did during the night he left that way.

Although things started well, the guy stuck his dick in the women’s belly button and after asking what he was doing, the innocent guys’ response was “isn’t that where babies come from?”

Cue the girl quickly grabbing her stuff and getting out of his house. Despite the embarrassing night, the lad turned up to work the next day and asked for a second chance, but the girl kindly refused.

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