To the Rhythm of the Music…

A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)





She is the most beautiful, the one who dances the best and the one who always arrives dressed flawlessly.

And now she’s looking at me.

I move my eyes from the mirror to avoid fixating on her reflection and concentrate on the teacher’s movements: right leg forward, left arm back and we change. I make the step a couple of times more until finally I catch the quiet and I repeat it when I hear the music.

“Great, Elena, perfect. Can you go up to the front so everyone can watch how you do it?”

The dance instructor is lost in the room. I hear her voice in the background, telling a companion that she has to lift her leg  just a little bit more. Elena walks to the front of the class and starts dancing. The music is ringing again, and this time I can’t help but stare, or deny how perfectly she steps.

Move your right leg and left arm simultaneously, with as much agility as you can muster.

Let your left leg bear all the weight, but don’t let your balance falter for a moment.

Keep your eyes forward, don’t look down; always looking forward. Now move with the rhythm of the music, don’t hesitate or you’ll love it.

“Remember that the movements must be clean. Hold on a little longer before returning to your starting position, okay?”

I flinch when I realize that the instructor is addressing me, because I was so focused on imitating Elena’s movements that I have not heard her approaching. I flush and nod, then repeat the step to show the teacher, and her, that I understand. I’m not hopeless, and I can improve.

“Well, better now,” she whispers, giving me a squeeze on my shoulder. “Try to leave your worries outside the room, today you are seem very distracted…”

She moves away fast enough not to see the fresh blush staining my cheeks. I glance sideways at the rest of the class to make sure no one noticed, and I sneak a fresh peek at Elena in the mirror.

This time I traverse her legs, ascending little by little through her body.

They are strong, muscular. I lose a few moments gazing at the bottom that is so tightly and alluringly wrapped in those black mesh tights and realize that I’m biting my lip. I keep going up until I find her back and those curved sides. She has her hair pulled up in a high ponytail, which allows me to see the beads of sweat gracing the nape of her neck, and I feel the sudden urge to lick them off.

I’m absorbed by these thoughts until I stumble, unaware of the teacher or the music. How can I let myself think about that? I’m surrounded by people! Anyone could realize, if even my body reacts alone… At least, I think I’m the only one who knows the dampness of my panties. Then the usual happens: the teacher asks me if I’m okay, I blush again, I moisten my lips, I adjust my sweatshirt just so I can do something other than looking at her Elena and I nod.

The class ended there, thankfully. I say goodbye to everyone, and wait for the classroom to empty before moving to the middle of the room. I look at myself in the mirror and sigh, before starting to dance. I review the choreography, first in silence before practicing several times with the music. Some thoughts flutter through my mind, but I push them out and keep moving my arms as I watch my reflection in the mirror.

Twenty minutes later and I’m exhausted. I pick up my things and go to the locker room. They’re all gone, except Elena.

I always stay dancing a little longer, she always takes time to get ready. I undress with my back to her before getting into the first shower stall I see.

The hot water causes all tensions in my muscles to disappear down the drain. I hear the door open, and before I can turn around, my arms are caught. The scent I recognize immediately—Elena. My surprise evaporates into excitement as I noticer her hard nipples against my back.

“What are you doing in here?…Someone could catch us,” I whisper.

“Shhh…if we don’t make a sound then no one will be able to catch us.”

She didn’t wait to finish speaking before I felt her hand move around my waist to between my thighs. I had them clamped together, but as I felt the insistence of her fingers, I surrendered, surrendered to her confident caresses. As I opened myself to her, I take a deep breath of the steamy air and lean back to rest my head on her shoulder.

She takes advantage of this gesture to kiss and then bite my neck, causing me to shiver in spite of the hot water.

Does she have to do this perfectly? Could she not just be good at  dance? Was it not enough to have such a devastatingly flawless body? No, of course not, she also knows exactly how to move her fingers and where to place them.

I know she’s discovered my dampness when she chuckles against my ear. I’m hot, impossibly hot. With closed eyes I feel for the tap to cool the temperature of the water, although it is not enough: Elena takes the opportunity to turn me around.

Our glances meet at last, though not a second before our lips also do and we submerge ourselves in desperate kiss. I notice each drop of warm water sliding down my skin onto her body. daring my fingers to follow . I let out a low moan that is drowned by Elena’s mouth who, amused, pushes me against the wall of the stall.  I can see her naked body against mine and enjoy the image. The curves I had seen barely hidden beneath her clothes are more pronounced now.

Her hands return to my body and seem to multiply – I know she has just two, but I feel like ten are roving over my body.

The caresses in my most sensitive areas, her body against mine, water crashing against my skin, my excited fear of being so exposed…it was all enough to make me lose my senses, my ability to focus on anything other than her touch.

I spread my legs slightly, and without warning, her fingers stuck in me like the most pleasant torture. I move my hips to bring her even deeper, as she arches her fingers inside me with rhythmic, precise movements. I craned my neck, trying not to fall, and found my gasping mouth on her shoulder, biting as hard as I desperately wanted her fingers to push within me.

I’ve rarely felt that way, that excited. I felt nearly drunk I was so lightheaded. I moan softly against her ear, then bite the lobe. Her lips found mine but they separate for a few moments to demand:

Come on! Do it. Come for me.

Her voice sounds hoarse but I can almost feel her smile. Of course I will. At this moment I can not think of anything better than to come with her, for her. Yet, everything I’ve done since I entered the studio has been for her: for her to watch, and admire. To impress and captivate her as she does me.

I moaned once more against her skin, now more audibly. Elena takes it for granted and starts a series of even faster and deeper movements. Her thumb has now caught my clit and is strumming it ceaselessly…

I’m very close and this time I’m the one who searches for her lips. They join mine in a fierce kiss, almost supporting my body as it loses itself in complete abandonment to pleasure. My back bends and my muscles contract a few seconds before giving way to an orgasm that seems to run through my entire body…

Then I feel so vulnerable that my legs begin to shake like I’m about to collapse. Luckily, Elena grabs me by the waist and rewards me with soft kisses along my jaw.

My breathing doesn’t want to return to normal and pleasure is still flooding my body completely. A tingling in my stomach reminds me of where I am, what just happened. I look at Elena to discover her calm stare, seductive and appraising as always. I try to smile back, to give her what I think she wants.

Her hand stops mine as it coyly approached her thighs. We looked at each other’s eyes.

“Don’t. This has been your reward for today’s class, you’ve done very well.”

“But don’t you want..?”

Her eyes hungrily confirmed yes.

“At home. I’ll wait for you there with dinner ready, my dear – be sure you’re ready too.”

Before I leave the change room, still weak with exertion, I think about her waiting for me at home. Who knows what games she might have planned; since we first met, she’s always been playing games, and winning.

Leftover Words


A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)


sexy blonde on phone


The touch of her fingers was soft and firm. They traversed the length of my arm with an almost exasperating slowness, causing my breathing to grow heavy and deafening to my own ears. As they traipsed ever further with painful slowness, I felt my heart beating at dizzying speed, as if I were on the verge of an abyss.

I lifted my gaze from her fingers and when our eyes met, a shiver ran through my body. And now? We were beyond words, because it was impossible for anyone to express everything that this made me feel. And even if they existed, I would have been unable to formulate a sentence at all. But no, we did not have to talk either, because our eyes connected and they said it all, silently but without question.



I do not know if it was her, me or both, but soon the distance between her body and mine was shortened and I feared that she could hear the heart thudding in my chest. Her hand settled on my cheek gently – and maybe with some fear, as if my skin were as fragile as an insect’s wing – and she stroked it lightly. I looked to hand, then heard her sigh before she closed the centimeters that separated us and put her lips on mine.

They were soft and warm, and I gasped despite myself. They attacked mine by way of an answer, overcoming my mouth with gradual, yet unwavering intensity.



Yet, the slowness with which our lips parried only served to make me run out of air earlier than expected, forcing me to withdraw for a moment. I recovered the image of her dark eyes that only asked me to return and, after inspiring nervously, I did. This time it was a deeper and more intimate kiss in which our tongues first met and played hide and seek. Finally I caught hers in a gentle bite and in return she caught me with a cheeky lick to my lower lip.

I opened my eyes at the absence of her lips, but soon I felt them cradling the sensitive spot where my jaw and neck joined.

She plucked sighs of pleasure from me easily as she traced my shoulder and then at last reached my collarbone. There, her teeth, no longer so delicate, staring digging into my skin as she continued to descend, at the same time she was getting rid of my dress. I could do nothing but mimic her movements and say goodbye to her white shirt, which fell to the ground anticipating what would happen in the next few hours.



If there was a bed in the room I did not realize; I was too busy letting myself be carried away by the sensation being released with every touch of their lips on my skin. She now knelt in front of me, kissing my abdomen, which no longer seemed mine: it was the home of at least a hundred butterflies, each competing to land against her lips. Forcing my head from its ecstatic loll, I looked down at her, her hungry eyes not wavering from my face. Like a puppet, I extended my hand and pulled her to stand. We melted again into a moist, needy kiss. I hugged her body and held on as she let her hands loose along body,

I moaned, softly, against the skin of her neck, and she hugged me even harder, as if I might escape at any moment, as if I had something more important to do, ha! Impossible. Never.

With urgency now, she met my mouth with a kiss that so devastated my senses, it took a full moment to realize I now found myself with my back against the shaggy carpet, and then her naked body enwrapping mine.



Her hands explored me fervently, with her mouth following dutifully, until they came to a part of my body that had been silently screaming in want for what felt like as long as I could remember. First were her nails, a gentle trace of my lips’ peak, and finally the tips of her fingers sinking into my folds, revealing the moisture that had been created within them.

I wrapped my hands around her neck, telling her that I needed more, much more. In response, her fingers pinpointed my clit with assured, circular movements. I let out several moans in which her name was camouflaged. Normally resting so easily and unexceptionally on my lips, it now seemed to acquire a totally different hue. Now it sounded passionate, more delicate.

As much as I was enjoying those caresses, how the intensity of the sensation was seeming to swallow me whole, I reached up to the edge to stop myself falling completely, and put my own hand between her thighs.

I felt the weight of her body fall on mine as I found her clit, and I began to match my caress to hers. I do not know if it was as a reward or as a punishment that I inserted two of her fingers inside me, but either way it was nearly too much. My body was undulating, welcoming them within, but still I felt the strength of her fingers as they pushed through. As I went inch by inch, I was forgetting everything, until I was only aware of her and me.



Plunging my own fingers within her silky wetness, we found a synchronicity, our bodies seeming to fit one over another perfectly, one inside another, one with the other. I imitated her rhythmic movements, but bent my fingers upward against the sensitive wall behind her pubic bone. She, instead, tapped gently on my clit with the palm of her hand.

Her excitement was growing and growing exponentially, betraying her initial calm confidence.

Her lips no longer wandered over my breasts, but seemed to chase something invisible back and forth as she stopped only for small bites of the flesh and hard sucking of my nipples. Then they came back to my neck, squeezing it hard, and I felt faint.



I had never thought that two people could synchronize to reach orgasm at the same time, but just then, as I reeled from the intensity of her mouth on against my neck, everything I thought I knew disappeared in a drunken fog. Her moans in my ear felt like a roar; her teeth caught my skin and her fingers came in and out without a second. It was then that I heard her hoarse cry and increased the pace of my movements, causing her to do so too.

I couldn’t hear if the moans that flooded the room were, again, hers or mine, but I nevertheless knew it to be true. Her hips joined in the game, and when I felt she was ready, I searched her lips in a desperate attempt to hide my gasps. We kissed with eagerness and vehemence, and as soon as her body began to tremble over mine, I felt that every muscle in my body clenched and fighting against itself, waiting… to explode together in a burst.

The waves of pleasure spread through me as her immobile body rode along with my muscles, gulping from exertion. After a few minutes our breaths slowed and synchronized, and I think even our chests started a heartbeat conversation at their own, secret speed. I opened my eyes to find myself in front of her own, and again, the words remained…

Mirror Mirror…


A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)





It was the 6th night Brad had been away and I was missing him….missing his smile, his company, his energy, his touch…his cock. A few nights before we had face-timed and masturbated for each other on our phones and even though I’d frisked myself to a delicious climax while getting an eyeful of Brad pulling his hard dick, rather than calm my sexual appetite, it had just made me even hornier for when he would finally be home.

I had just started a movie the when I heard my phone beep. To my delight, Brad had sexted me the following message.

‘Just wanted to thank you for giving me so many hot sex memories to fantasize about. I can’t wait to get alone with you and show you my appreciation by slowly and deliberately drinking you in through my mischievous hands and lustful gaze, drop feeding you dirty talk until the scent of your sweet nectar is filling the room. You want my manhood inside you and have it clasped firmly in your hands and you think about taking charge but I have already determined to make you ‘work’ for it so I direct you to take me in your mouth. You keep my hand at the base of my cock while you engulf the top. Your confidence and competence at playing the naughty fuck doll role is driving me wild as I perv on your lingerie clad bad girl body going to town on your man’s hardness….(give me a hint about how you’d like this to end and I’ll finish the story for you). xxx’



Brad has mastered pushing my sex buttons…the only thing stopping me from touching myself right there and then was my eagerness to reply. You would know from another story I’d written ( that this year I have been enjoying having Brad obediently going down on me after he has filled my playful pussy with his hot seed. I knew immediately how I wanted this story to end and let him know via a return text.

A few minutes later, his reply was…

‘…I place my hand on the side of your jaw guiding you to stand up and then walk towards the bathroom (with you in front of course so I can perv on my sex addiction). You are facing the mirror when I guide your right knee up onto the vanity to give me unhindered access to your honeypot. You’re expecting my cock but instead I press it against your hot skin while I insert a couple of fingers into your wetness. You let out a deep breath as I tell you what is about to happen while continuing to finger you. ‘Ooh yes, you are ready for your man’s cock aren’t you? I’m going to fuck you with abandon and then lash your sexed up pussy with my tongue’. I proceed to withdraw my fingers and glide my erection deep into your pussy. For the next few minutes I fuck you rough and hard in front of the mirror. Your orgasm is building as I flood you with ropes of warm cum. I stay in you playfully gyrating and still perving. I then lead you back into the bedroom, lie down and instruct you to sit on my face. Dizziness is running from your head down your body as you feel the warmth of my mouth on your sex garden.



You immediately relax and allow my tongue and hands to transport you to paradise….as your arousal heightens you grind your pussy into my chin and mouth…everything wet, slippery and scandalously hot. I can taste ‘us’ and am feeding hungrily…you feel your orgasm building as you approach the edge…you tense while biting your lip and with a few more firm circular motions of my flattened tongue, you gush your sex, rewarding me as waves shudder through you and send sex tingles from your thoroughly fucked pussy all the way to the back of your neck and toes…. you sit back on my abs while squeezing my cock and moist skin then kiss me deeply. xxx’

Suffice to say that my fingers were gooey and slippery by the time I’d finished reading with my fire firmly started for when Brad actually got home. In these circumstances, I have Brad is often one to ‘word me up’ with a story like this with the intention of then reliving the story once we are reunited. I firmly hoped this was going to be the case with this one.



When Brad had finally returned home it was late and the kids were already in bed. I had been to my wax lady to make sure my sexbox was ‘ready’ for my returning man. As soon as Brad had entered the door, it was obvious what was on both of our minds. Sometimes I would make sure I was already all ‘dressed up’ for Brad when he had returned, however I had in mind to have him dress me tonight. (Brad has brought me so much slutty lingerie over the years that sometimes it is fun to have him dress me up like his fuck doll in whatever his naughty mind fancies at the time).

He took me into the bedroom where he proceeded to dress me in a pair of fishnets with a garter belt, a luxurious red corset, leather micro skirt, no panties and his favorite stilettos with diamante ankle cuffs. The feeling of his eyes, his touch and his generous compliments were all very welcome. No sooner had he dressed me when he pressed me against the cupboard firmly kissing and groping me like a soldier returned from war. His hands were expertly making their way all over my sexed up body. I love how much he makes me feel deeply desired from head to toe, body and mind (though I admit a lot of focus on my body in this instance). After a delicious period of heavy petting and raunchy kissing Brad was ready for the next part of the night’s sex menu.



He led me, his compliant fuck doll, to the bathroom exactly as had already described in his text…lifting my right leg up onto the vanity and then entering two fingers into me from behind while groping my titties and describing his next moves.

‘So my beautiful…what happens now is I finger your wet pussy until it aches for my cock. Then I’ll fuck you rough and hard while I perv on you from behind and in front courtesy of that mirror.’ We trade lustful glances via the mirror….my legs are weakening at the knees but he has a firm hold of my ‘dressed like a sexpot’ body. ‘When I’m ready I’ll fill your bad girl pussy with cum and stay in you until I’m certain every last drop has been given to you, then we’re back into the bedroom where I’ll expertly lap and lick at your clit while tasting us.’

I could barely wait any longer. ‘Damn it Brad, stop talking and get your cock inside me!’ I grabbed his cock and jammed it in my slick honeypot. The next moments were so perfectly hot…both of us just focused on the other, helping one another to ‘release’ a load of pent up sex cravings. He has owning my pussy thrusting with abandon….it would have really hurt except that I was so wet! I’m not sure who was perving on who more…I looked like decadent minx being taken by a powerful pussy hunter. After a few minutes I felt him tense and I responded by tensing too….Brad’s head rocked back as he become more vocal. I was just panting deeply interspersed with sexual moaning. Feeling his cum inside me felt so right. His pounding transitioning to deep sensual gyrating as he urged me to thoroughly milk his dick.



No sooner had we taken a deep breath of relief when Brad pulled out and swiftly ‘grabbed’ my pussy from behind now leading me back into the bedroom. I felt a little cum leaking down my leg. Brad lay down on the bed and ordered me to sit on his face…attentively addressing first the cum that had started to leak down my leg (what a good boy). His tongue and freshly shaven face felt so good, lubricated by our combining ‘sex’. At this point in our lovemaking I transition from Brad’s fuck doll to sex queen being pleasured expertly by my man who is subdued to sexual servitude underneath my scantily clad and sexually charged body. I feel so dirty in a yummy way grinding my pussy on his chin and nose with his tongue flattened in between. It is only a few minutes before a thumping orgasm begins to build. I close my eyes and relish a moment to concentrate and appreciate how freaking good this feels! I can’t possibly climax quietly so instead I just lose myself to the pleasure and tidal wave of raw sex flowing through me…fucking Brad’s face with no regard for whether he can breath or not. Both his hands have found my exposed breasts and he squeezes them firmly, driving me over the edge!

‘Ohhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Braaaaaaddd! Yeah..h…h..h…sssss!….Mmmmmmmmmmm!’ I collapse while Brad grabs my ass forcing me into him as much as possible to clean up while waves of pleasure and release overtake every cell in my being….I’m too tingly! I’m out of breath….so is Brad. Until next time… xoxo

No Need for Words


A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)






Shortly after our wedding, we were staying at our holiday apartment in New York. I remember it was a clear night, and I saw my husband get into bed, naked and started watching some television.

So I slipped my silk dress off and slipped into bed with him. He turned around, put his arm around me and started kissing my neck before I turned around to kiss him back.

We didn’t hesitate to wrap our arms around each other, and I spread my legs, ready for his entrance. I watched his man part enter my lady place and my whole body quivered with pleasure once he was deep inside me.





We rolled me on him, and my darling husband gently stroked strands of my hair and kissed me again. My body laying on top of his and vice versa felt so intimate and erotic. He caressed me all over, before rolling on me again. I caressed his arm before gently touching his face while we kissed.

My lady place throbbed with pleasure as my husband did the little figure 8s with his hard penis. He massaged my G-spot as well as my sweet spot. My pleasure intensified as caressed my breast while kissing me ardently, and his figure 8s turned to deep, passionate thrusts.

My husband held me close, as we enjoyed the erotic skin to skin feeling. I got the tingles as he ran his kisses up my neck while I tilted my head back, and let out a soft moan. I rubbed his back while my husband thrust inside me, and let out aroused exhales while thrusting.

Sure enough, his thrusts gradually increased speed, and I responded to my intensifying pleasure by moving my pelvic area. I then tensed up and moaned softly as I orgasmed. My hips twitched slightly as my husband dug his face in my neck kissing me, further intensifying my orgasm.





My husband’s embrace tightened a bit as he climaxed. I could feel his penis throbbing inside my orgasming vagina as he jerked inside of me, grunting sharply in ecstasy. We were sweating as usual when we came down, and my husband kissed me before rolling me on top of him.

We didn’t think to say a word, but we didn’t need to. Our love and attraction for each other was felt through our sexual body language. We still felt it while falling asleep in each others arms.

My sweet husband caressed me as I started to drift off. In the morning I woke up to my husband watching TV quietly. When he noticed I had woken, he stroked my hair, and as I cuddled up to him, he took me in his arms and we caressed each other while laying in…

Wet River Plunging



A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)





It was a cold misty morning outside when we both woke up, as discussed between us previously, sex would be on the menu first thing the next morning. After a good night’s rest, I got up first and went to the bathroom. My hard morning cock bounced out as I pulled my shorts down to the floor and left them there. I finished up, got back into bed and cuddled up behind my naked wife’s back, brushing her nipples as I took her big luscious breast in my hand and held her lovingly. She reached back searching for my hard shaft, once she found it, she tightened her grip and squeezed it firmly. My cock immediately responded and stiffened up becoming full and very hard. She massaged my balls for a while, then went back to my shaft and started pumping furiously, all whilst reaching back uncomfortably. My hand slid down to her soft tummy, then further down to her neatly trimmed pussy, slowly starting to massage her outer lips until I felt some wetness coming through. We were both hot, horny and ready to go.



woman in her underwear



I turned her around to get a full view and access to those huge voluptuous tits as well as her hairy pussy. I was hungry to eat my wife’s juicy pussy and penetrate her with my huge swollen cock. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and used some warming lubrication until she started moaning and groaning with pleasure “oh that feels so good, aahhh, aahhww, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” she cried. I could feel her getting excited as her orgasm built up. I rolled on top of her and plunged my thick cock into her tight pussy. Slowly stroking at first until I could feel her hole slightly opening up more to me. I then started to fuck her hard, my entire length, in and out, in and out, repeatedly slamming my balls against her ass. Cum juice was starting to flow out of her pussy, running down onto her ass. We kept on fucking hard, for what felt like forever, I just kept on and on. We were both breathing heavily, neither one was cumming yet. It was just long, hardcore fucking. I could feel my wife’s pussy becoming extremely wet, almost like I was continuously plunging my long solid rod into a wet river of cum. I love it when we sometimes just fuck long and hard and especially when my wife’s beautiful pussy (like on this occasion), becomes soaking and dripping wet with her own cum.



sexy woman



She used both her hands and pulled her pussy up and open, what a glorious sight, her hard clit was sticking out, begging to be rubbed. I used my fingers to circle her clit, her head tilted back and she became vocal, “I’m going to cum, aww, yes, yes, I’m going to cum,” she cried. Ever so often my cock would slip out because of the long hard strokes I was giving her, she would immediately push me back in. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, her whole body became stiff, her legs straightened around my waist and a powerful orgasm ripped through her body, for a moment her legs clamped me like a vice grip, and then she released, slowly coming down from the mountaintop. Her breathing subsided and she uttered “oh my goodness, that was so nice!”



sexy blonde



I knew it was now my turn so I grabbed her sexy legs, holding her by the ankles and spreading her legs as wide as they could go. Her soaking pussy felt incredibly good as I fucked her as hard as I could until I reached the point of no return. I suddenly lost control of my body, I came with force. My big cock slipped out of her tight hole and white spurts of cum wildly shot out of my throbbing engorged cockhead, flying everywhere. More cum poured out as my cock bounced around and eventually subsided. My wife gripped my cock while it was still hard and milked every last drop of cum out until I was sensitive and spent. We used a towel to soak up the mess we made as we laid in each other’s arms for a while, just enjoying all our God-given blessings and privileges!

Love of Masturbation…


A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)





The best thing about living a healthy, loving marriage with your one true soulmate is exploring every avenue of intimacy.


My wife just loves to watch cum shoot from my throbbing cock, it truly turns her on. The many ways she makes me cum is so much fun. Last night was fantastic. Wearing only black thigh high stockings, I was instructed to lay back and enjoy.


Tonight you are going to get a silky foot job and I am going to watch you shoot cum all over my stocking feet. Well as soon as her sexy, pretty feet made contact with my semi-hard cock, my shaft grew immediately to its full length & thickness. Pre-cum also started to drip from my big swollen head. Now one stocking foot is rubbing my swelling balls and the other is sliding up & down my hard rod.





Come on honey, cum for me. I want to watch your hot load cover my pretty feet. That is all I have to hear. My cock starts to twitch and throb as the first rope of cum shoots on these incredible sexy feet.  Her toes were covered in my love juice.


The next surprise was having my wife lift her cum dripping feet to my face and telling me to lick them clean. I was so turned on.  Each toe was sucked clean. While my wife moaned and fingered her soaking wet pussy to orgasm.





That night was great but my favorite is when I am told to jerk my cock while my wife rubs my balls and slides a wet finger up my ass. This gets me the hardest and my wife instructs me to point my throbbing cock at my open mouth. She wants to watch my cum shoot out towards my waiting tongue. Hearing her tell me what to do & the anticipation of my release never makes me last long. Her finger starts to slide in & out of my ass rapidly as she pulls on my excited balls.


My hand is working overtime stroking my throbbing cock until I hear her say, cum for me, shoot your big load all over your face & chest. That does it, my cock pulses and begins to shoot my creamy juice right at my face. Catching some cum on my lips & the rest covering my chest. It is always a very intense orgasm. The night ends with my wife licking up my chest & giving me a very passionate messy cum kiss until we fall asleep in each other’s arms.


We consider ourselves very lucky to have such a open marriage when it comes to the bedroom. These special nights just add to the nights we make crazy passionate love to each other. I guess what I am trying to say is a little kink in the bedroom can go a long way.


We are truly blessed…

The most sexually-charged animals in the World!

With people in the UK aged between 35 and 44, having sex an average of 112 times per year and those aged between 25 and 34, having sex around 108 times a year, it is no secret we humans have a reasonably high sex-drive. However, how do we compare to that of the animal kingdom? Many people believe that animals mate purely for reproductive purposes rather than for pleasure. None the less, we’ve manage to list the animals that enjoy the most incredible, shocking and sometimes quite bizarre mating rituals, contradicting this common misconception.


10. Northern Elephant Seal

The male Northern Elephant seal are known to be unwelcoming towards his male counterparts. The chief protects around 100 females from any potential dangers and in return, he copulates with as many of the female seals as he can.

Sexually-charged Animals Northern Elephant Seal


9. Rabbits

For rabbits, sex lasts around 40 seconds. Female rabbits have no menstrual cycle to begin with, their ovulation cycle is actually activated by the act of intercourse.  Once the litter is born, a female is able to become pregnant the very next day. At the mercy of the very active male rabbits, females can breed 1,000 baby rabbits per female per year. Rabbits reach their sexual maturity as young as three months old, and are fertile for three quarters of each year.


8. Hedge Sparrow

When a female Hedge Sparrow finds a mate, she keeps her eyes open for more potential fathers.  The more often she has sex, the greater the amount of suitors, the better the chance of producing offspring. The males, are less flighty, however are known to copulate around 100 times a day.

Sexually-charged Animals Hedge Sparrow


7. Eastern Garter Snake

The Eastern Garter Snakes arrange themselves into a big ball, which resembles a ball of rubber bands. A group of males all curl up with one female and mate. Instead of eggs, the female gives birth to live baby snakes.

Sexually-charged Animals Eastern Garter Snake


6. Dolphins

The dolphins have sexual relations with their male and female counterparts, and are known to mate with other sub-species (Killer Whale). Dolphins have even exhibited promiscuous behaviour towards us! They are one of the only mammals known to have sex for pure enjoyment, like us humans.


5. Warthogs

Male warthogs travel to different herds, mating with females as he goes. He mates freely, without attachment or a conscious responsibility- the females are left to raise the young and provide their own food and protection.

Sexually-charged Animals Warthogs


4. Queen Honey Bee

Queen will mate with around forty drones in each spree. Male bees exist only to mate with the Queen and will afterwards die, or get evicted from the nest. The Queen stores up to 100 million sperm cells for a lifetime of reproduction and decides which eggs get fertilized.


3. Topi Antelope

The female Topi Antelope is fertile for one day a year. She spends a month leading to that day chasing males and mating with around four per day, in preparation for her day. Males often suffer from exhaustion and have been known to try to escape the advances of the female.

Sexually-charged Animals Topi Antelope


2. Antechinus

Due to their dangerous and life-threatening approach to sexual intercourse, the males rarely live past a year. Female Antechinus have several partners during the mating season—resulting in a litter with multiple fathers. The female Antechinus can mate continuously for about 12 hours, leaving the males so exhausted that it can often result in their death. Sexual activity can lead to the loss of fur, internal bleeding and immune system failure for males.


1. Bonobos

Bonobos are at our top spot, being one of the most sexually active within animal kingdom. Bonobos use sex to resolve conflict and to greet one another. They do not discriminate engaging with both males and females sexually, or even in a group.

Sexually-charged Animals Bonobos


Sex with a Beast!

First of all, let me just say that I am blessed to be a multi-orgasmic woman! Last night, I began to think maybe Josh and I weren’t even finish off what we started. I waited up for him all night until he finally got in, a little after 1am.

I was actually pretty annoyed by that. It turned me off a bit and I let him know this. I rolled myself away from him in our little twin-sized bed, his reply was to smack my ass and ask if I’m going to bed.

“Well I’ve been waiting for you to come back and you’ve taken all day” I turn away again.

He tells me that he’s going to the bathroom, and then we would ‘play’. The stubborn part of me really didn’t want to yield, but my inner freak’s interest was undoubtedly piqued.

Five minutes later, he comes back into the room and instantly started stripping. Already naked, I just watched as his clothes landed here and there around the room. He climbs onto the bed and points his dick directly at my face. I always love giving him head laying down, because I find that my throat is more comfortable that way and he can pump without suffocating me- perfect for both of us. It lasted for all of two minutes before he climbed off and went down on me.

I LOVE how he eats it. I just watched and moaned in enjoyment. He then puts my legs up and sucks slowly, softly on my clit. It drives me crazy when he spreads my lips and sticks his tongue inside me, I love watching him doing that. Needless to say, I eventually cum, he gets on top of me- the strokes slow and meaningful. It builds the connection so very quickly that in no time, I was having orgasm number two.

We kept it slow for the most part. We had made an attempt a couple of hours previous, but were annoyingly interrupted and didn’t get to finish. I don’t seem to be able to let him go as deep or fast as I really want, there’s this pain in my stomach. But as soon as I squirt, the tension is gone and we can thankfully have proper sex again.

I love when he bites my ass cheeks, especially the left. I cum again and I could cum right now just thinking about it. Anyway to cut to the chase, he got behind, made me squirt twice more and then we switched. I climbed on top and rode him until he wanted to explode.

That’s when he whispers that he wants to cum all over me. I was surprised because normally he likes to cum on my ass. It’s not every night he decides to give my 38 DD’s a shower! So I suck his beefy dick until he shoots into my mouth, his warm cum oozing through my lips. I spit it out onto my breasts and then let him wank the rest over me, just like a porn star. I honestly think he could have a career!

-Shelley, Agent 1378

Bondage capital of Britain revealed

Britain’s bondage capital has been revealed by The Furniture Market, following the incredible success of the Fifty Shades books and movies, which has seen BDSM – bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism – become more mainstream in people’s sex lives.

Bristol has been crowned the bondage capital of Britain, with those living in the West Country having embraced the rise of BDSM more so than any other part of the UK.

girl on bed bondage

The survey revealed that 18 per cent of British people have been tied up during sex. A further 19 per cent said that though they haven’t experimented, they would be willing to give it a go.

In Oxford, one in five people have admitted to having sex on a chest of drawers and one in three Londoners would rather opt for sex on the sofa than in their own bed.

Elsewhere, 57 per cent of people from Aberdeen confessed to having sex somewhere other than a bed and out of the people who responded to the survey from Wolverhampton, 42 per cent of them revealed that they have tied up a partner during sex.

But it is those living in Cambridge who wish to be tied up more so than in any other part of the country.

Channel 4’s The Great British Sex Survey – which set out to reveal the UK’s favourite fetishes, sexual practises and sexual desires – had named the small Cumbrian town of Penrith as the BDSM capital of Britain.

A survey back in November from the Northern Illinois University found that participants who engaged in BDSM were in a better mood, were less stressed and saw altered states of consciousness – which has been linked to boosting creativity.

According to the survey, the average British person spends 117 days of their lifetime having sex. That’s 2808 hours!

If BDSM sounds like something right up your street, then you’re bound to enjoy some great domination phone sex.


The rise of the sex robot

We all know about artificial intelligence, but now a new sex robot is set to go on sale in April that is capable of giving her owner an “emotional connection.”

From April 15, the new sex robots will have a pulse and up to 12 different personality settings and will surprise you by ‘saying things you are not expecting.’

The creator of Harmony said in an article with the Daily Star that she is “prone to falling in love with you” and will be both charming and witty.

The ‘owner’ of the robot will also be given an app which is used to control her settings, moods and even pulse. This is part of RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen’s goal to let their customers have a “real bond” with their robotic lovers.

Sex Robot

Once the doll has arrived, the user will be able to subscribe to the app which is accessible via their smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer. The app syncs to the robot, controlling the 12 personalities which includes intellectual, natural, sexual, shy, kind and naïve.

Matt added: “The A.I. is prone to falling in love with you. But it will depend very much on the selections you’ve made.

“She will say things you are not expecting.”

It is a far cry from the notorious blow-up dolls that we have all seen on a stag-do, in films or television and is really a big leap in not just sexual ventures but also technology.

The doll, or robot, may cost the user up to £12,000, with a yearly subscription model believed to be around $20, or £15.

They are going to be made available anywhere in the world, and while it is an exciting time for many – it is rather expensive. So perhaps if you want to look after the money in your pocket, why not talk with a real woman and enjoy some cheap phone sex instead?

Image Credit: RealDoll