Wet River Plunging


A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)



It was a cold misty morning outside when we both woke up, as discussed between us previously, sex would be on the menu first thing the next morning. After a good night’s rest, I got up first and went to the bathroom. My hard morning cock bounced out as I pulled my shorts down to the floor and left them there. I finished up, got back into bed and cuddled up behind my naked wife’s back, brushing her nipples as I took her big luscious breast in my hand and held her lovingly. She reached back searching for my hard shaft, once she found it, she tightened her grip and squeezed it firmly. My cock immediately responded and stiffened up becoming full and very hard. She massaged my balls for a while, then went back to my shaft and started pumping furiously, all whilst reaching back uncomfortably. My hand slid down to her soft tummy, then further down to her neatly trimmed pussy, slowly starting to massage her outer lips until I felt some wetness coming through. We were both hot, horny and ready to go.






I turned her around to get a full view and access to those huge voluptuous tits as well as her hairy pussy. I was hungry to eat my wife’s juicy pussy and penetrate her with my huge swollen cock. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and used some warming lubrication until she started moaning and groaning with pleasure “oh that feels so good, aahhh, aahhww, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” she cried. I could feel her getting excited as her orgasm built up. I rolled on top of her and plunged my thick cock into her tight pussy. Slowly stroking at first until I could feel her hole slightly opening up more to me. I then started to fuck her hard, my entire length, in and out, in and out, repeatedly slamming my balls against her ass. Cum juice was starting to flow out of her pussy, running down onto her ass. We kept on fucking hard, for what felt like forever, I just kept on and on. We were both breathing heavily, neither one was cumming yet. It was just long, hardcore fucking. I could feel my wife’s pussy becoming extremely wet, almost like I was continuously plunging my long solid rod into a wet river of cum. I love it when we sometimes just fuck long and hard and especially when my wife’s beautiful pussy (like on this occasion), becomes soaking and dripping wet with her own cum.






She used both her hands and pulled her pussy up and open, what a glorious sight, her hard clit was sticking out, begging to be rubbed. I used my fingers to circle her clit, her head tilted back and she became vocal, “I’m going to cum, aww, yes, yes, I’m going to cum,” she cried. Ever so often my cock would slip out because of the long hard strokes I was giving her, she would immediately push me back in. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, her whole body became stiff, her legs straightened around my waist and a powerful orgasm ripped through her body, for a moment her legs clamped me like a vice grip, and then she released, slowly coming down from the mountaintop. Her breathing subsided and she uttered “oh my goodness, that was so nice!”






I knew it was now my turn so I grabbed her sexy legs, holding her by the ankles and spreading her legs as wide as they could go. Her soaking pussy felt incredibly good as I fucked her as hard as I could until I reached the point of no return. I suddenly lost control of my body, I came with force. My big cock slipped out of her tight hole and white spurts of cum wildly shot out of my throbbing engorged cockhead, flying everywhere. More cum poured out as my cock bounced around and eventually subsided. My wife gripped my cock while it was still hard and milked every last drop of cum out until I was sensitive and spent. We used a towel to soak up the mess we made as we laid in each other’s arms for a while, just enjoying all our God-given blessings and privileges!