The top sex museums in the world


While the usual museum experience can be boring, the sex museum offers a whole different spin on this.

There are a variety of sex museums that you can visit abroad. If you want to see exhibits on sex toys, penises and boobs, there are plenty of places around the world that you can visit.

As well as seeing lots of erotic displays, visitors can learn more about sex than you can even imagine, such as how domination sex evolved. So the next time you call a domination phone sex line you will have a little bit of history behind you.

So without further ado, check out our list of the top sex museums in the world.

Tong Li’s Sex Museum, China


If you have ever wondered how China has the biggest population in the world, with an estimated population of over 1.3 billion, then a visit to Tong Li’s Sex Museum will certainly open your eyes.

According to the China Guide, the museum, which is located in the Hainan Province, has sculptures, carvings, pottery, paintings and numerous other artefacts demonstrating that people have been interested in sex for an extremely long time.

There are a staggering 1,400 objects in the museum’s collection and the oldest dates back as far as 9,000 years.

Venustempel Sex Museum, Amsterdam


The Venustempel Sex Museum is the world’s first and oldest sex museum, first opening its doors in 1985. Over the years the museum has collected a wealth of erotic pictures, paintings, objects, recordings and photographs.

The museum displays fetish gear and historical artefacts like a 16th century chastity belt and now it is one of the most visited museums in the Dutch capital, with 50,000 people every year passing through its doors.

One of the most popular displays at the museum is “sex through the ages” – this saucy display shows how in some cultures sex was a lot more tempestuous than today.

Museum of Sex, New York


The Museum of Sex has been putting a cheeky spin on sex education, erotic art and sexual history since opening in 2002.

There are a range of fun attractions that visitors will enjoy, such as the silly and arty boob bounce house, the lovers from hereafter exhibition that has skeletons getting down to it, the sex art display, the eve of porn: Linda Lovelace exhibition and lots more.

Now the museum has over 25 exhibitions, six virtual installations and over 15,000 artefacts that are committed to addressing a wide range of topics.

Icelandic Phallological Museum, Reykjavik


Oh, the jokes are endless here as the Icelandic Phallological Museum has a collection of over 250 penises on display.

Located in the Icelandic capital, the museum features phalluses from all Icelandic mammals and beyond. The museum has a sperm whales penis on display as well as a polar bear’s, a mouse’s and even one from a human!

The number of human penises could be increased as it has been reported that five other people have promised to give their manhood to the museum after they die.

Sex Machines Museum, Prague


The Sex Machines Museum is the only museum in the world that is solely dedicated to sex machines and as a result is home to an array of old and new machines.

Over 300 items are on display and the sex machines come from all over the world, taking the visitors through the history and perversion of human sexuality.

There is also an old erotic cinema at the museum where visitors can see two Spanish pornographic films, made around 1925.

By visiting this museum you will be able to see how the girls on our granny and mature phone sex line used to get off back in the day.

Museum of Eroticism, Paris


The Museum of Eroticism is aptly located in the city of love and has exhibitions displaying sexuality trends throughout history and space.

The museum has four permanent exhibitions and usually has a number of temporary displays on show as well.

There are displays focused on silent porn movies in black and white and other collections that range from ancient religious art from Africa, India and Japan to more contemporary art that has an erotic focus.

There are also rare documents, photos and drawings linked to prostitution in Paris’ brothels that span from the end of the 19th century to 1946 when the brothels were shut down.

Antique Vibrator Museum, San Francisco

If you like good vibrations, then a visit to the Antique Vibrator Museum is a place you need to visit. For over 20 years the museum’s founder has been collecting antique vibrators.

These treasures are now displayed at the museum on Polk Street in San Francisco and now the collection of vibrators dates back as far as the 1800s, through the 1970s until the present day.

The museum gives visitors an insight into how vibrators were used by doctors up until 1900 and during the turn of the century how they began to be marketed as toys that women could use at home.

Image Credit: The China Guide, JoAnna Kopp, The Museum of Sex, JasonParis, Barbara, Guilhem Vellut.