Top sex festivals in the world


If you are bored of adult movies delivering flaccid performances and are looking for something beyond the unusual then there are lots of sex festivals you can visit.

Everyone likes a bit of domination phone sex and there are festivals all over the world that not only focus on domination, but BDSM and a variety of other saucy fetishes.

Sex festivals are huge, live events that allow visitors to get ringside seats to no-holds-barred shows and exhibits. There are also sex festivals that are dedicated to the adult film industry and erotic movies.

People who want to visit the very best festivals could easily build a very entertaining calendar and join the thousands of people that attend these shows.

So without further ado, here is our guide to the best sex festivals in the world.

Exotic Erotic Ball, San Francisco

This event has been celebrating flesh, fetish and freedom for the last thirty years and its main event is San Francisco’s Exotic Erotic Ball, which happens once a year, every year.

The event actually began as a celebration of freedom of expression, but now there are usually 15 thousand revellers turning out for the event and most of them are elaborately attired in sexy garb, with many of them masked and some of them nearly or completely nude.

The carnival atmosphere combines live music with thousands of live shows. The general public can also meet and mingle with adult performers, reality show casts, and celebrities as well as watch some of the most outrageous things ever seen in public.

There are also a variety of contests for Best Costume, and Mr. and Ms. Exotic Erotic Ball. Bottom line: the entertainment value of the Exotic Erotic Ball is jaw-dropping.

There is also a Make Love, Not War tour this year and it will visit major cities across the globe to gather people who like to express themselves sexually.

Date of Festival: 28th October 2017 in San Francisco

Sexpo, Melbourne


In spite of its catchy name, SEXPO is not only an exhibition about sex as it also focuses on health, sexuality and adult lifestyles.

The show debuted in Australia in 1996 and was originally formed to allow women and couples to experience all the adult industry had to offer and since its formation the show has attracted nearly three million visitors.

Exhibitors at the event specialise in a wide range of areas such as aviation, wine tasting, marine sports, electronic home entertainment systems, holiday resorts, spa pools, physical fitness equipment, chiropractors, photographers and, of course, a range of sex retailers.

The event also has a stage with rock concert lighting and audio, which is the backdrop for a variety of entertaining performances.

Popular international celebrities and stage acts include the world famous ‘penile artist’ Pricasso, who uses his penis as a brush to paint portraits, as well as numerous local and international adult stars. SEXPO also encourages crowd participation shows, fashion parades, pole-dancing classes and hosts free giveaways.

Date of Festival: 24-27 November, Melbourne

Young Swingers Week, Jamaica

Swing Fest are the organisers behind Young Swingers Week and this event is where visitors are able to party like it’s Spring Break in the U.S.

The event boasts nude pools, clothing-optional pools, all-inclusive bars and lots of other X-rated activities.

There are also an array of other activities visitors can do like go snorkelling, windsurfing or paddle boarding to name just a few.

Last year’s Young Swingers week took place at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.

Date of Festival: March 2017 in Jamaica.

Kinky Salon, San Francisco


If you have got a fetish for unusual intimate festivals, put this one at or near the top of your list.

The event explores the world of BDSM, fetishes and it celebrates the diversity of the adult festival industry.

Also, if you’re into body art, piercings and other “modifications,” this is the festival to get your bodywork done or updated.

Although the main event is in San Francisco, Kinky Salon host events all over the world including Berlin, Austin, Copenhagen, London, Denver, Los Angeles, Paris and Portland to name a few.

Date of Festival: 19th November

Seattle Erotic Art Festival


The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is an experience unlike any other art museum or gallery in the world. Over the course of the three days a selection of the finest erotic art in the world is displayed at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

During regular festival hours visitors can view the art and watch daily entertainment, from poetry readings to pantomime and acrobatic displays.

If you want a souvenir then the festival store sells a variety of prints by the artists featured in the festival. Attendees in the evening can attend a sexy art party that boasts DJs, performers and a fantastically energetic crowd.

The Festival art will certainly engage you, titillate you, and make you think.

Date of Festival: April 2017

Kutemajrvi Sex Festival, Finland

A Scandinavian country hosting one of the best sex festivals in the world may surprise a few people, but it has a well-earned reputation for, shall we say, covering all the sexual bases.

Lectures on sex and shows that display things you never thought people could do, with and without their clothes on, are certainly some of the highlights.

Exhibitors at the Kutemajrvi Sex Festival come to show off the latest sex products, while thousands of visitors from all over the world arrive to watch the shows, dancers and other performers do their thing.

Date of Festival: July 2017

Image Credits: micadew, Sexpo, Daniele Devoti, Alfredo Gayou.