The rise of the sex robot


We all know about artificial intelligence, but now a new sex robot is set to go on sale in April that is capable of giving her owner an “emotional connection.”

From April 15, the new sex robots will have a pulse and up to 12 different personality settings and will surprise you by ‘saying things you are not expecting.’

The creator of Harmony said in an article with the Daily Star that she is “prone to falling in love with you” and will be both charming and witty.

The ‘owner’ of the robot will also be given an app which is used to control her settings, moods and even pulse. This is part of RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen’s goal to let their customers have a “real bond” with their robotic lovers.

Once the doll has arrived, the user will be able to subscribe to the app which is accessible via their smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer. The app syncs to the robot, controlling the 12 personalities which includes intellectual, natural, sexual, shy, kind and naïve.

Matt added: “The A.I. is prone to falling in love with you. But it will depend very much on the selections you’ve made.

“She will say things you are not expecting.”

It is a far cry from the notorious blow-up dolls that we have all seen on a stag-do, in films or television and is really a big leap in not just sexual ventures but also technology.

The doll, or robot, may cost the user up to £12,000, with a yearly subscription model believed to be around $20, or £15.

They are going to be made available anywhere in the world, and while it is an exciting time for many – it is rather expensive. So perhaps if you want to look after the money in your pocket, why not talk with a real woman and enjoy some cheap phone sex instead?

Image Credit: RealDoll