The Craziest List of Fetishes!



List of fetishes

Feeling a bit hot under the collar looking at this bear in roller skates? There’s a fetish for that. 

Adult fantasies are something that is so incredibly boutique, so perfectly tailored, to a veritable galaxy of interests, that it would seem impossible to have heard of, or seen, all of the different types of fetishes that exist. Especially if it’s not something you’re into. While plumbing the depths of the wildest, and weirdest, genres of fetishes in existence were enthralled by the absolute magnitude of available content, videos, clips, shorts, and depictions. Marvelling over, not just how these feats are accomplished, but sometimes over the sheer fact that anyone survives the scenario to tell the tale later, or indulge in it again.


Adult fantasies are one of those things though— fantasy. Oftentimes the videos we watch— especially when it comes to the “further down the rabbit hole” variety— is so highly contrived that the risk of performing is completely mitigated. In a sense, it’s art. Completely subjective and largely performative. However, for those of us that have some less than vanilla predilections when it comes to our sexual fantasy of choice, there is absolute a genre of pornography that represents those interests. And because of this, pornography can easily be considered one of the most representative, diverse, and accepting communities known to man. Or woman, or space alien. 

Yiffy Porn 

Yiff porn, yiffy, and perhaps better known as “furry” porn depicts people dressed up in incredibly elaborate animal suits, doing what it is that animals do… humping. This type of content can also fringe out into scatophilia and omorashi categories, as their wild behaviours seek to be even more representative of those displayed by the animal kingdom. 

Newscaster Porn 

This just it: newscaster porn is totally a thing. While it’s not really as shocking (or disgusting for those who aren’t into them) as many of the other fetishes on this list, it’s still a very specific fetish that actually enjoys a fairly large audience, particularly in Japan. The genre is defined by newscasters getting down mid-broadcast, often with surprising and unexpected segues. Back to you, Tom. 


Feltching is a bit of a delicacy, and like many types of highfalutin foods— are kind of a love it or hate it situation. Leaving little room for anything in between. It consists of men ejaculating into their partners orifice (anal cavity) and then using straws or other helpful little devices to slurp back out their ejaculatory endeavours. Typical to lesbians and male homosexual eroticism, there is a hetero equivalent, which involves this practice only supping from the vaginal canal. This is called creampie, which is absolutely nothing like the dessert it brings to mind. 

Fish Porn 

Fish porn is, well— porn that involves fish. Often the genre focuses on the little fish that suck on people toes and is of particular interest to those in the foot fetish community, but there is also a sect of this humble category that shows fish grappling on to other parts of the body— like a man’s bait and tackle. 

Vore Porn 

Vore porn, often short for Vorarephilia or simply “carnivore”, is the type of porn for you if you’ve ever been turned on by the idea of being eaten, or eating someone else. No, not of the cunnilingus dining experience, but more like something Dahmer would have been into. While these genres don’t actually eat people (we think), they do make some pretty elaborate sets and special effects to make it look suspiciously realistic. 

Baby Play

Baby play is actually a pretty common subcategory of BDSM, domination or humiliation play, in which one partner plays the role of a diaper wearing, dummy sucking, infant, and the other takes the role of the baby’s caregiver. This usually involved lots of breastfeeding and bleeds into other genres like lactation porn, omorashi, domination, and food play. 

Pedal Pumping 

Car enthusiasts and foot fetishists world round unite! Because there is absolutely a genre that involves all of your favorite things. Enter pedal pumping. Pedal pumping is erotic footage that literally showcases someone (often in super swanky high heels) pumping the pedals and revving the engine of fine automobiles. Which is sure to get somebody’s motor running. 


Menstruation fetish is exactly like it sounds— graphic, and only doable about once a month. Menses porn is a pretty aggressive style of porn that focuses on women who are menstruating and their partners who, most regularly, go down on them. There are a number of different varieties of this particular genre, you can even buy specific kits that make it appear as though you’re menstruating, just in case you’re feeling frisky, but Aunt Flow is refusing to visit. 

Wet Fetish

Wet fetishes are actually a number of different fetishes rolled into one tasty visual treat. The subject of the film or short gets wet, and not really in the traditional sensual sense. Instead, our heroine is normally slimed, covered in mud, bathed in oil, pied (see food fetishes), or otherwise soiled by a fairly viscous substance and then allowed to roll around in it. Only 90s kids will understand. 


Title: The wildest list of fetishes we found down the rabbit hole

Meta Description: Aware of all the different types of fetishes there are out there? 121Girls brings you a list of fetishes and the weirdest pornographic genres in existence