Swingers reveal their most public romps


From the nets at Old Trafford to Buckingham Palace’s toilets, filthy British swingers have revealed the sauciest places that they have ever romped.



The Star revealed the confessions that a group of swingers posted on an anonymous message board the raciest places that they have ever hooked up in public.

The couples said that the risk behind public sex make it that much more arousing for them, taking their “danger sex” desires to new levels.

One couple revealed all about their very regal romp in the toilets at Buckingham Palace, while another told of how they managed to get down and dirty at Chessington World of Adventures.

On the message board they said, “My girlfriend at the time was feeling very horny so just decided there and then to find somewhere we could release our tension.”

Another couple even admitted to heading out onto the pitch of Manchester United’s Old Trafford Stadium. The anonymous swinger from Conway, Wales took to the board to reveal how she earnt her grass stains.


“In the net of Manchester United’s football ground, on a stadium tour and managed to get down to it for three minutes before security rudely removed us from the grounds.”

She did also reveal the reason behind the goal-mouth action, claiming that “the point was to find a place that’s always on TV.”

Elsewhere, these saucy swingers have revealed that they even managed to make time for it in a private pod on the London Eye.

Another exposed the naked truth about an intimate episode within the scenic location of Edinburgh Castle, after a couple managed to sneak into the toilets.

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Image Credit: André Zahn