Stars embrace naked emoji trend


It is well-known that in the world of showbiz everyone loves a selfie. But sometimes celebs just don’t want to wear underwear, which could be why the naked emoji trend is taking off.

Celebs are posting racier snaps and whilst social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram frown upon nude photographs, there is now a way around these rules and regulations.

The “emoji underwear”, as it has been dubbed, has seen a number of famous people go full frontal and completely expose themselves but cover up their most private parts with emojis.

Variety of celebs take naked snaps

An article on the Daily Star has revealed that Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson has previously taken a full-frontal selfie and had placed two red crosses over her nipples and a mouth over her nether region.

Cast-mate Scotty T similarly took a naked selfie and chose the eggplant emoji to cover up his manhood, whilst Ex On The Beach stunner Jemma Lucy has previously taken a number of naked emoji selfies as well.

One full-frontal Snapchat saw her using a watermelon to cover up her most intimate part and she has also been known to use green and red apples to cover herself up.

Charlotte Crosby, another reality TV star who also rose to fame on Geordie Shore, pushed the boundaries further after posting naked snaps of herself in the bath with hearts covering up her lady garden.

One of the newest celebrities to join in on the craze is Daisy Lewis, who appeared on ITV’s Downton Abbey, as she shared an image on Instagram of her doing yoga topless by a pool. You can see below that she used sunflowers to cover up her nipples.

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Image Credit: go digital