The most sexually-charged animals in the World!


With people in the UK aged between 35 and 44, having sex an average of 112 times per year and those aged between 25 and 34, having sex around 108 times a year, it is no secret we humans have a reasonably high sex-drive. However, how do we compare to that of the animal kingdom? Many people believe that animals mate purely for reproductive purposes rather than for pleasure. None the less, we’ve manage to list the animals that enjoy the most incredible, shocking and sometimes quite bizarre mating rituals, contradicting this common misconception.


10. Northern Elephant Seal

The male Northern Elephant seal are known to be unwelcoming towards his male counterparts. The chief protects around 100 females from any potential dangers and in return, he copulates with as many of the female seals as he can.



9. Rabbits

For rabbits, sex lasts around 40 seconds. Female rabbits have no menstrual cycle to begin with, their ovulation cycle is actually activated by the act of intercourse.  Once the litter is born, a female is able to become pregnant the very next day. At the mercy of the very active male rabbits, females can breed 1,000 baby rabbits per female per year. Rabbits reach their sexual maturity as young as three months old, and are fertile for three quarters of each year.


8. Hedge Sparrow

When a female Hedge Sparrow finds a mate, she keeps her eyes open for more potential fathers.  The more often she has sex, the greater the amount of suitors, the better the chance of producing offspring. The males, are less flighty, however are known to copulate around 100 times a day.



7. Eastern Garter Snake

The Eastern Garter Snakes arrange themselves into a big ball, which resembles a ball of rubber bands. A group of males all curl up with one female and mate. Instead of eggs, the female gives birth to live baby snakes.



6. Dolphins

The dolphins have sexual relations with their male and female counterparts, and are known to mate with other sub-species (Killer Whale). Dolphins have even exhibited promiscuous behaviour towards us! They are one of the only mammals known to have sex for pure enjoyment, like us humans.


5. Warthogs

Male warthogs travel to different herds, mating with females as he goes. He mates freely, without attachment or a conscious responsibility- the females are left to raise the young and provide their own food and protection.



4. Queen Honey Bee

Queen will mate with around forty drones in each spree. Male bees exist only to mate with the Queen and will afterwards die, or get evicted from the nest. The Queen stores up to 100 million sperm cells for a lifetime of reproduction and decides which eggs get fertilized.


3. Topi Antelope

The female Topi Antelope is fertile for one day a year. She spends a month leading to that day chasing males and mating with around four per day, in preparation for her day. Males often suffer from exhaustion and have been known to try to escape the advances of the female.



2. Antechinus

Due to their dangerous and life-threatening approach to sexual intercourse, the males rarely live past a year. Female Antechinus have several partners during the mating season—resulting in a litter with multiple fathers. The female Antechinus can mate continuously for about 12 hours, leaving the males so exhausted that it can often result in their death. Sexual activity can lead to the loss of fur, internal bleeding and immune system failure for males.


1. Bonobos

Bonobos are at our top spot, being one of the most sexually active within animal kingdom. Bonobos use sex to resolve conflict and to greet one another. They do not discriminate engaging with both males and females sexually, or even in a group.