Sex with a Beast!


First of all, let me just say that I am blessed to be a multi-orgasmic woman! Last night, I began to think maybe Josh and I weren’t even finish off what we started. I waited up for him all night until he finally got in, a little after 1am.

I was actually pretty annoyed by that. It turned me off a bit and I let him know this. I rolled myself away from him in our little twin-sized bed, his reply was to smack my ass and ask if I’m going to bed.

“Well I’ve been waiting for you to come back and you’ve taken all day” I turn away again.

He tells me that he’s going to the bathroom, and then we would ‘play’. The stubborn part of me really didn’t want to yield, but my inner freak’s interest was undoubtedly piqued.

Five minutes later, he comes back into the room and instantly started stripping. Already naked, I just watched as his clothes landed here and there around the room. He climbs onto the bed and points his dick directly at my face. I always love giving him head laying down, because I find that my throat is more comfortable that way and he can pump without suffocating me- perfect for both of us. It lasted for all of two minutes before he climbed off and went down on me.

I LOVE how he eats it. I just watched and moaned in enjoyment. He then puts my legs up and sucks slowly, softly on my clit. It drives me crazy when he spreads my lips and sticks his tongue inside me, I love watching him doing that. Needless to say, I eventually cum, he gets on top of me- the strokes slow and meaningful. It builds the connection so very quickly that in no time, I was having orgasm number two.

We kept it slow for the most part. We had made an attempt a couple of hours previous, but were annoyingly interrupted and didn’t get to finish. I don’t seem to be able to let him go as deep or fast as I really want, there’s this pain in my stomach. But as soon as I squirt, the tension is gone and we can thankfully have proper sex again.

I love when he bites my ass cheeks, especially the left. I cum again and I could cum right now just thinking about it. Anyway to cut to the chase, he got behind, made me squirt twice more and then we switched. I climbed on top and rode him until he wanted to explode.

That’s when he whispers that he wants to cum all over me. I was surprised because normally he likes to cum on my ass. It’s not every night he decides to give my 38 DD’s a shower! So I suck his beefy dick until he shoots into my mouth, his warm cum oozing through my lips. I spit it out onto my breasts and then let him wank the rest over me, just like a porn star. I honestly think he could have a career!

-Shelley, Agent 1378