Sex Tech: new technology in the sex industry


The latest advancements in technology have thrust sex technology further and further into the future and into a world where you can have sex with robots and use other incredible sex toys.

The methods we can now use to masturbate is out of this world and one thing is for sure – the future is certainly full of orgasmic intensity.

Most of the new toys which have been created recently can be used whilst you are enjoying live phone sex calls and here we take a sneak peek at a few of the recent amazing inventions.


Technology has advanced so much that now there are a variety of male stimulators available and the king of them all is Pulse from Hot Octopuss.

Dubbed as “The Guybrator”, this award-winning invention can be used by a couple or as a solo sex toy and is perfect to use when you ring our domination phone sex line.

You don’t even need an erection to use it, but one thing is for sure; it will make you hard and blow your load.

Waterproof and the ability to change between five stimulation modes will ensure you are satisfied with the intensity you desire. The Pulse Solo can make a man ejaculate involuntary and its Pulse Plate makes the user experience the most powerful and unique orgasms.

When Pulse is lubricated it becomes a next-generation masturbator, but if it is lubricant-free then Pulse can be used as a static stimulator and this provides stimulation direct to the penis.

In an article on Gear Patrol, Adam Lewis, who is the co-founder of Hot Octopuss, said, “We sold about 10,000 in our first year, and then we’ve increased about 300 to 400 percent each year,” says Lewis. “And it’s still growing at roughly the same rate.”


Butt plugs

Butt plugs have evolved over time and Happy Valley Silicone have a collection of the very best ones.

Their most popular butt plugs are the Fuze Pleasure Plugs and whilst at first glance they may seem like traditional plugs they have been subtly updated to improve ergonomics so the plugs follow the natural contours of your body, fit comfortably, and stay in very securely.

There a range of options available, but the Fuze Pleasure Plug 1 is a great butt plug to start with as it is smooth and is slim. The user can experiment and experience new sensations without being too overwhelmed.


The Fuze Pleasure Plug 4 is the largest butt plug in terms of length and girth and offers users a really satisfying experience.


Finally, the Fuze Quattro is the best-selling butt plug and has a number of unique features. The Quattro has the ring in its base, which allows the use of a removable bullet vibe and users can enjoy the sensations of a vibrating butt plug. Since the motor sits outside the body, you still have the comfort and security of a very slim-necked plug. This plug offers the best of both worlds as it combines new technology whilst still keeping a traditional style.


Sex dolls

Sex technology has advanced so quickly that now you can have sex with a robot!

Shenzhen Warmdoll is one of the most popular sex doll manufacturers and has its products for sale on sites such as Alibaba.

The dolls are made from real, medical-grade silicone material and these advanced dolls are more durable than ever before. They boast solid breasts and don’t smell funky either.

The dolls come in a range of heights from 100cm all the way up to 165cm tall. Users can also enjoy a variety of positions and can take advantage of the three different holes the dolls have: oral, vaginal and anal.

Shenzhen Warmdolls prices range from about £900 to just over £2,000.

Another reason why science is effing awesome is the fact that some sex dolls are so realistic that they can even blink and talk!


Holographic Avatar Sex

This ground-breaking technology lets you enjoy a moment with your favourite porn star in 3D. HoloFilm Productions have designed this technology so users actually fell like they are having sex with a pornstar IRL.

This technology will evolve and sync up with the tele-touch revolution so that you will not only see your virtual partner as if they are in the room with you but will also feel and hear them as well.

Autoblow 2

Guys can now just sit back and relax whilst enjoying a blowjob from Autoblow 2+.

Autoblow 2+, which costs £129.95, is a great sex toy for men that has set a new standard in solo experiences. Once you have a water-based lubricant it is ready to be used and after use the sleeve of Autoblow 2+ pops out making it easy to clean.

The product is available in a variety of sizes and because of its realistic-feeling artificial skin, spring loaded design, industrial strength motor, and tighter mechanism it means the Autoblow 2+ has become one of the most talked about sex toys in the industry

Fleshlight LaunchPad

You can grab a new perspective on penetration with the all-new Fleshlight LaunchPad.

Coupled with an iPad, the Fleshlight LaunchPad is ideal for point-of-view content and can be used whilst watching porn or calling a sex chat line.

It is durable and flexible and once your iPad is in place the user can use the handgrips either side of the Fleshlight LaunchPad to enjoy a completely new perspective.

The LaunchPad means users can try a variety of positions and can improve their sexual stamina, but don’t forget to use some water-based lubricant.

After climaxing you can remove the tablet and use Fleshwash to clean and disinfect the Fleshlight LaunchPad.

The product is compatible with the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4.

Image Credit: Hot Octopuss, Happy Valley Silicone, Shenzhen Warmdolls.