Mirror Mirror…


A Slutty Sex Tale by Dom-Shelley (Pin 1378)


It was the 6th night Brad had been away and I was missing him….missing his smile, his company, his energy, his touch…his cock. A few nights before we had face-timed and masturbated for each other on our phones and even though I’d frisked myself to a delicious climax while getting an eyeful of Brad pulling his hard dick, rather than calm my sexual appetite, it had just made me even hornier for when he would finally be home.

I had just started a movie the when I heard my phone beep. To my delight, Brad had sexted me the following message.

‘Just wanted to thank you for giving me so many hot sex memories to fantasize about. I can’t wait to get alone with you and show you my appreciation by slowly and deliberately drinking you in through my mischievous hands and lustful gaze, drop feeding you dirty talk until the scent of your sweet nectar is filling the room. You want my manhood inside you and have it clasped firmly in your hands and you think about taking charge but I have already determined to make you ‘work’ for it so I direct you to take me in your mouth. You keep my hand at the base of my cock while you engulf the top. Your confidence and competence at playing the naughty fuck doll role is driving me wild as I perv on your lingerie clad bad girl body going to town on your man’s hardness….(give me a hint about how you’d like this to end and I’ll finish the story for you). xxx’



Brad has mastered pushing my sex buttons…the only thing stopping me from touching myself right there and then was my eagerness to reply. You would know from another story I’d written (http://www.marriageheat.com/2016/12/29/show-time-turns-hot-l/) that this year I have been enjoying having Brad obediently going down on me after he has filled my playful pussy with his hot seed. I knew immediately how I wanted this story to end and let him know via a return text.

A few minutes later, his reply was…

‘…I place my hand on the side of your jaw guiding you to stand up and then walk towards the bathroom (with you in front of course so I can perv on my sex addiction). You are facing the mirror when I guide your right knee up onto the vanity to give me unhindered access to your honeypot. You’re expecting my cock but instead I press it against your hot skin while I insert a couple of fingers into your wetness. You let out a deep breath as I tell you what is about to happen while continuing to finger you. ‘Ooh yes, you are ready for your man’s cock aren’t you? I’m going to fuck you with abandon and then lash your sexed up pussy with my tongue’. I proceed to withdraw my fingers and glide my erection deep into your pussy. For the next few minutes I fuck you rough and hard in front of the mirror. Your orgasm is building as I flood you with ropes of warm cum. I stay in you playfully gyrating and still perving. I then lead you back into the bedroom, lie down and instruct you to sit on my face. Dizziness is running from your head down your body as you feel the warmth of my mouth on your sex garden.



You immediately relax and allow my tongue and hands to transport you to paradise….as your arousal heightens you grind your pussy into my chin and mouth…everything wet, slippery and scandalously hot. I can taste ‘us’ and am feeding hungrily…you feel your orgasm building as you approach the edge…you tense while biting your lip and with a few more firm circular motions of my flattened tongue, you gush your sex, rewarding me as waves shudder through you and send sex tingles from your thoroughly fucked pussy all the way to the back of your neck and toes…. you sit back on my abs while squeezing my cock and moist skin then kiss me deeply. xxx’

Suffice to say that my fingers were gooey and slippery by the time I’d finished reading with my fire firmly started for when Brad actually got home. In these circumstances, I have Brad is often one to ‘word me up’ with a story like this with the intention of then reliving the story once we are reunited. I firmly hoped this was going to be the case with this one.



When Brad had finally returned home it was late and the kids were already in bed. I had been to my wax lady to make sure my sexbox was ‘ready’ for my returning man. As soon as Brad had entered the door, it was obvious what was on both of our minds. Sometimes I would make sure I was already all ‘dressed up’ for Brad when he had returned, however I had in mind to have him dress me tonight. (Brad has brought me so much slutty lingerie over the years that sometimes it is fun to have him dress me up like his fuck doll in whatever his naughty mind fancies at the time).

He took me into the bedroom where he proceeded to dress me in a pair of fishnets with a garter belt, a luxurious red corset, leather micro skirt, no panties and his favorite stilettos with diamante ankle cuffs. The feeling of his eyes, his touch and his generous compliments were all very welcome. No sooner had he dressed me when he pressed me against the cupboard firmly kissing and groping me like a soldier returned from war. His hands were expertly making their way all over my sexed up body. I love how much he makes me feel deeply desired from head to toe, body and mind (though I admit a lot of focus on my body in this instance). After a delicious period of heavy petting and raunchy kissing Brad was ready for the next part of the night’s sex menu.



He led me, his compliant fuck doll, to the bathroom exactly as had already described in his text…lifting my right leg up onto the vanity and then entering two fingers into me from behind while groping my titties and describing his next moves.

‘So my beautiful…what happens now is I finger your wet pussy until it aches for my cock. Then I’ll fuck you rough and hard while I perv on you from behind and in front courtesy of that mirror.’ We trade lustful glances via the mirror….my legs are weakening at the knees but he has a firm hold of my ‘dressed like a sexpot’ body. ‘When I’m ready I’ll fill your bad girl pussy with cum and stay in you until I’m certain every last drop has been given to you, then we’re back into the bedroom where I’ll expertly lap and lick at your clit while tasting us.’

I could barely wait any longer. ‘Damn it Brad, stop talking and get your cock inside me!’ I grabbed his cock and jammed it in my slick honeypot. The next moments were so perfectly hot…both of us just focused on the other, helping one another to ‘release’ a load of pent up sex cravings. He has owning my pussy thrusting with abandon….it would have really hurt except that I was so wet! I’m not sure who was perving on who more…I looked like decadent minx being taken by a powerful pussy hunter. After a few minutes I felt him tense and I responded by tensing too….Brad’s head rocked back as he become more vocal. I was just panting deeply interspersed with sexual moaning. Feeling his cum inside me felt so right. His pounding transitioning to deep sensual gyrating as he urged me to thoroughly milk his dick.



No sooner had we taken a deep breath of relief when Brad pulled out and swiftly ‘grabbed’ my pussy from behind now leading me back into the bedroom. I felt a little cum leaking down my leg. Brad lay down on the bed and ordered me to sit on his face…attentively addressing first the cum that had started to leak down my leg (what a good boy). His tongue and freshly shaven face felt so good, lubricated by our combining ‘sex’. At this point in our lovemaking I transition from Brad’s fuck doll to sex queen being pleasured expertly by my man who is subdued to sexual servitude underneath my scantily clad and sexually charged body. I feel so dirty in a yummy way grinding my pussy on his chin and nose with his tongue flattened in between. It is only a few minutes before a thumping orgasm begins to build. I close my eyes and relish a moment to concentrate and appreciate how freaking good this feels! I can’t possibly climax quietly so instead I just lose myself to the pleasure and tidal wave of raw sex flowing through me…fucking Brad’s face with no regard for whether he can breath or not. Both his hands have found my exposed breasts and he squeezes them firmly, driving me over the edge!

‘Ohhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Braaaaaaddd! Yeah..h…h..h…sssss!….Mmmmmmmmmmm!’ I collapse while Brad grabs my ass forcing me into him as much as possible to clean up while waves of pleasure and release overtake every cell in my being….I’m too tingly! I’m out of breath….so is Brad. Until next time… xoxo