Kinkiest things people have done on holiday


When people go abroad, sometimes they can end up doing crazy things they would never dream of doing at home.

The sun and sea really do seem to get people going, and just recently some Brits have shared the kinkiest things they have ever done abroad; from alfresco sex to sex by the pool.

People can play out their sex dreams by calling a live phone sex line, but others have gone a step further and confessed to some of the most outrageous things they have done abroad.

The most shocking holiday Sex Confessions

One person admitted getting their penis stuck in a machine, adding, “Got my penis stuck in the cup holder next to my slot machine…long story.”

Another holidaymaker revealed she had sex in public next to a pool. She said, “I got drunk, fell into the pool in a full gown, and then had sex on one of the chairs along the side of the pool.”

Another bloke revealed how walking into the wrong room turned into a night he will never forget. He said, “Walked into the wrong room, turns out it was a party. I lost my virginity to a girl that night. Didn’t even know her name.”

One couple got intimate while going up the shaft – a lift shaft that is. Unfortunately for the couple, whilst they were getting down to it a surprised guest at their hotel walked into the lift.

Another woman revealed how she was giving her partner a striptease, but then realised that she was dancing naked in front of a window that fellow hotel guests could look into.

You can read more in an article on the Daily Star that revealed some of the kinkiest things people have done during a holiday.

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