Here’s a List of All the Orgasms!



Great news! There’s more than one type of orgasm. Better news— they’re all achievable with the right equipment. 

Want to know more about the wide and wonderful world of orgasms? You’re in luck! We’ve done some digging and it turns out you may be missing out on some pretty amazing down south vibes. 


Vaginal orgasms are actually fairly rare, not because they’re difficult to achieve necessarily (as long as you have a vagina and a clitoral bulb), but because they often require very specific types of stimulus as well as a concerted mental effort. Often described as “deeper” and more intense than the jazzy clitoral orgasms most of us toting vaginas are familiar with, the orgasms come with an associated bonus— they can actually be felt by your penetrative partner as well. 


However, these orgasms aren’t really all that standard. Mostly because they require finding that ever elusive “G-spot”. But get it right, and the vagina walls themselves will pulse, providing an extra pump of pleasure to all parties involved. The best way to learn how to find what you seek is actually by mapping out this area for yourself, and then providing some verbal guidance for your partner later. Toys like dildos or even the trusty right (or left) hand can more easily reach the area of G-force, which is usually located on the upper anterior wall (think belly button side) of the vaginal canal. 


Clitoral orgasms are often thought of as the easiest orgasm to achieve, mostly because it’s the most accessible spot for stimulation. While we say “most accessible” what we mean is there’s not usually a ton of deep-diving necessary to get to the clitoris. However, depending on your anatomy, it may not be as easy as “monkey see, monkey do”. This is because the clitoris is usually covered by a hood, and often is obscured by the labia majora. For some clitoris customers, this little area of joy can be located even lower down nearer to the articulation of the labia (where they meet the body). 


There are tons of ways to quickly stimulate a clit. This can be achieved using toys, hands, mouths, or even just by straddling inanimate objects (who didn’t have that ‘cuddle pillow’ back in the day?). If you’re looking to achieve some quick action, consider starting with some lube and your trusty vibrator. Again, most orgasms are better navigated once we learn exactly how our bodies respond to different pressures, movements, and textures. Once you know how to love yourself, it’s so much easier to explain it to your partner. 


Anal orgasms are great, because they’re not exclusive to the makeup of our genitals. So that means that whether you’ve got a penis or a vagina in your pants, you can still achieve an anal orgasm. Which makes them extra affirming for transgender and non-binary communities. But more than that— they’re actually good clean fun for anyone looking to achieve the big O. Much like those moments of pleasure listed above, you can achieve both external and internal anal orgasms, depending on where you focus your efforts and how your body is made. 


To help facilitate an external O, gently massage the outside of the anus, bonus points if you pay close attention to both the area between the genitals and anus itself (the taint) as well as the genitals or any other erogenous zone you or your partner favors. For an internal orgasm, it helps to slowly work your way in. If you’ve never before engaged in penetrative anal sex, it’s best to work towards entry slowly. Using small toys or fingers first. And always, ALWAYS, use plenty of lube. 

Best of Both 

The combo is probably the most sought after orgasm, taking pleasure to all new heights by incorporating a number of different erogenous stimuli into one massive orgasm, or into a long procession of small ones. Combo orgasms can be achieved by combining clitoral and vaginal orgasms, or vaginal-anal, or penile-anal, or vaginal-clit-anal, or really any other combination that speaks to your particular brand of biology. While this can be extremely difficult to achieve—and for best results it can help to practice edging— once you’ve figured out your personal MapQuest to ecstasy, these types of orgasms are much easier to achieve. 

Bonus List

The body actually offers a ton of different orgasmic experiences. From sleep orgasms, to even nipple play orgasms. Not all of them result in those fireworks that we’re familiar with, some are much more subtle, and some are even more powerful. Which ones feel great to you is wholly dependent on how your body, and your mind, responds to certain stimuli. But we say, if it feels good and everybody’s happy? More power to the O. 


Yes, your skin can orgasm! This is usually brought on by listening to emotionally evocative music or even from phone sex chat in sensitive individuals. Ever play your favorite song, or listen to a sexy voice and respond by getting covered in goosebumps? Well congratulations, you’ve just gotten off with your body’s biggest organ. 


Coregasms, or exercised-induced orgasms, are still something that scientists are trying to figure out. What they do know is that these types of orgasms are generally experienced by people with vaginas when they are doing extreme core fitness. While not necessarily sexual in nature, these orgasms are reportedly similar to the feelings of a vaginal orgasm, and can pop up at any time during a workout. Which, depending on your schedule, your gym, and your personal thoughts— could be a massive bonus, or a big nuisance.