Hand Solo Sex Toys!



Hand Solo Sex Toys


And who better to help you select the perfect toy to parlay with than the masters behind professional phone sex themselves. There are a ton of toys out there, so much so that finding the right one can definitely seem like a mammoth task. But luckily, we have access to the men and women who have gotten online human sexuality down to an art, helping us to bring you the ultimate hand solo sex toy guide that will not only fit your needs, but your gender and your sexuality. So, whatever you’re into, our Jedi masters will ensure that you find the exact droids…. Er toys… you are looking for.


Phone sex is not only a fantastic way to bring a long-distance partner closer, spice up an existing relationship, or just to stave off some of that solo frustration. Really, the only thing that could make it better is to have the best possible sex toy that is specifically designed to fit your needs and your body. Taking your mobile game to infinity and beyond. 

Toys for Him 

Male Masturbators 

What makes male masturbators so incredibly excellent for the solo yolo of phone sex, is that they look and feel hyper realistic. Most of these top hand solo sex toys are made from a futuristic material that can very closely mimic the feel of an actual orifice, whether you’re looking for vaginal, anal, or even oral sensations. Some even come with fancy bells and whistles like vibration modes, heaters, and specially shaped sleeves that create a delightful suction-y feel. 


For years vibratory technology seemed to be staunchly focused on pleasing those of us that come equipped with clitoriouses. However, the frenulum (the part of a penis that connects the head to the shaft) is filled with all sorts of excitatory nerve endings, similar to that of the clit. So, the mastermind behind Hot Octopuss decided to create the world’s first vibe made with men in mind. The company offers two types of distinctive technologies that are meant to target the erogenous areas that come equipped in penises. The product works so well in fact, that it’s been used to help achieve orgasm in men who have suffered spinal column injuries. Added bonus (for this article at least)? The toy looks remarkably similar to Darth Vader. 

Cock Rings

Cock rings are fantastic as a hand solo sex toys option because they not only help sustain longer and more powerful erections, but they can also increase sensitivity to your nether regions. Cock rings are also multifunctional when it comes to use and design. Meaning that while they are super useful when it comes to having sex with a partner, they can be just as enjoyable when you’re on your own. Some integrate vibrating rings alongside of tantalizing taint and anal additions. Taking these toys well into the next dimension. 

Toys for Her 


Nothing beats the trusty vibe. Whether it’s the full-on wand, or a discreet Bluetooth no larger than the size of a tube of lipstick— vibrators have been the go to solo toy of choice for women for decades. And really, there’s no need to improve on perfection. Vibrators are super versatile, swapping from solo to group play easily, and many newer versions come with super soft skins, multiple vibration settings, and even long-distance remote controls. So even if your partner seems miles away, you can still connect over the phone and over the airwaves. 

Suction Toys 

Alight, so apart from suction toys looking like something very uncool from your favorite sci-fi flick— they are awesome hand solo sex toys for your yolo session. The design of these toys is ideal for those of us that enjoy some serious cunnilingus, but lack the partner to play. With air-sucking tech that applies gentle suction to your most intimate areas, you’ll never need to be in the same room with your partner again. At least not to have an amazing orgasm. These toys pack an additional punch in that they’re not just great for clits, but can also provide sensual stimulation to other sensitive areas like your nipples. 

Combo Dildos

Dildos are great. Vibrators are great. So it only seems to be the natural conclusion that eventually someone would combine the two. More than just a vibrating dildo, these toys often come equipped with flexible designs that can stimulate clitorally, vaginally, or anally, or any combination of the two. Which makes solo sessions that much more exciting and even more accessible. 

Toys for They

Anal Trainers 

For trans people and nonbinary folx, finding a sex toy that doesn’t immediately trigger genital dysmorphia can be unreasonably difficult. Which is why many trans and nonbinary peeps suggest putting some well-earned emphasis on the back door. Anal trainers aren’t just sensational when it comes to the feels they are capable of providing, but they can also help get your body ready and pumped for bigger and better things! Most anal trainers also come with soothing vibe patterns that can also be used to stimulate your genital areas when and if you’re feeling up to it. 

Butt Plugs 

Butt plugs aren’t just a super versatile toy that can feel really incredible, but they’re also a ton of fun. With a number of excellent designs that really help the trans communities feel at home in their bodies, these hand solo sex toys are capable of transforming your intimate solo sessions into a veritable fantasy playground that can take you to heights unimaginable. Butt plugs aren’t just gender neutral, but they also can be species neutral (think fun fox tails or funky tentacle style designs). Making your solo time that much more enjoyable. 

Tenga Cups

Tenga cups are easily one of the best trans female masturbators available. Their gender-neutral design, easy to clean system, and low-key, low-tech, low-fuss style makes them the ideal choice for anyone who has a penis and wants to enjoy a next level solo session. The materials that Tenga use are super soft and stretchy, allow you to explore your pleasure without having to have your partner in the same room— or even the same galaxy.