Groom thrusts with guests at wedding party


A video has been released from a strange wedding party that shows a groom thrusting his privates at a female guest as his bride looks on.

Whilst the evening party at a wedding in the UK generally consists of the bride and groom having their first dance and guests gathering around the dance floor to get a glimpse of the happy couple, it seems other countries have a rather different take on the event.

A video clip, which is believed to have been shot by a videographer in Russia, shows something that is more like a scene discussed on an adult phone chat line, as the groom bends a woman in a red polka dot dress that isn’t his bride into a doggy style position and drives his crotch forward and back behind her as she is heard laughing.

The groom even speeds up his sexual movements, as the girl places her hands between her legs. Things then take an even more shocking twist, when another guest brings over a chair and it is used to prop the female guest’s leg up.

In an article on the Daily Star it has been revealed that the kinky pair were actually playing a game where the man has a bell clapper tied to his crotch and must hit a gong that the lady has between her legs.

Other raunchy weddings

There have been a number of raunchy weddings and here we take you through some of our favourites.

One saucy wedding shocked guests as a number of sexy strippers arrived at the reception and started to do a dance routine with one of the guests. As you can see from the below video, the guest is in the middle of the room receiving the dance.

In another bizarre wedding tradition, a newly wedded groom is blindfolded and has to walk along a line of bridesmaids while touching their bare legs to try and guess which one is his wife. Check out how he got on.