Ex-hotel worker reveals raunchy stories from job


An ex-hotel worker has lifted the lid on some of the things he saw while working at a 5-star hotel in Brisbane, Australia.

In an article on the Daily Star website, the former hotel employee revealed what some frisky hotel guests got up to during their vacations.

One of his shocking confessions included walking in on a porno that was being filmed. The former employee of the hotel said he took up a bottle of Champagne to a suite and as he walked into the room, an amateur X-rated porno was being filmed.

The scene, which was something you are more likely to discuss on a domination phone sex chat line, saw three people engaging in sex acts whilst being filmed with a camera on a tri-pod.

He said, “As I opened the door and walked through the foyer of the suite, I could see a tripod with a camera positioned towards the bed in the open-plan living room – bedroom area.

“Sometimes companies book out the suites to do interviews so I thought that might have been it.

“But instead I see a threesome occurring – there was one male and two females – with a semi-professional–looking video camera in their suite.”

From sex in the pool to a naked man wondering the corridors

Walking in on an amateur porno was not the only bizarre event that the man saw, as other highlights from his time working at the hotel included catching a saucy couple having sex in the hotel pool.

On another day at work, the former employee found a naked man wondering the corridors after locking himself out of his room, before finally getting a replacement key from the reception.

The ex-hotel porter went on to say that the frisky guests didn’t seem to care when they were caught as they were paying lots of money to stay in the hotel.

These sex stories are not completely bizarre as there have been lots of cases of people being caught having sex in public.

One recent story reported a randy couple appearing to bonk in the middle of a packed nightclub in Cardiff.

Image Credit: Dragon Images.