Doctor caught on the job with his pants down


Almost everyone has fantasised or dreamt about having sex at work and recently a video has gone viral showing a randy doctor having secret sex in his surgery.

Whilst for most a great way to play out a doctor/nurse scenario is to take part in some adult phone sex, this week a Mexican doc took his fantasies a step further and was literally caught with his pants down having sex with a woman at work.

The saucy couple were filmed through a window by a passer-by on their smartphone. According to a report in The Sun, the doctor is nicknamed “Dr Simi” after the pharmacy chain he works for.

It is believed that the doctor works for the pharmacy chain Farmacias Similares, which is based in south-eastern Mexico. It is also understood to be the scene of the explicit rendezvous.

Video shows doctor giving colleague a thorough examination

The video shows the woman straddling the examination table before the couple begin to kiss and the doctor starts to thrust.

After more kissing the doctor suddenly leans forward and begins to manoeuvre himself on top of the woman, but before we get to see the X-rated session the eagle-eyed doctor notices the camera and the person filming through the window.

The woman then hides her privates and the startled doctor looks up as the camera is then quickly removed from the window. The passer-by who has been filming the escapade is heard laughing and jumping down from a ledge before they stop their recording. What a tease.

The woman in the video has not been identified, but it has been reported that she is a colleague of the doctors, whilst other reports say that she is in fact a patient.

One thing is for sure – the video has gone viral and viewers are finding the encounter hilarious.

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